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Experimental sweetness

Sweet potato flower experiment potential

We had one of our sweet potato beds to flower on us this week.

The first one since 2009. Back then we had plans of saving the seeds to see if the new version was any better, but we eventually decided the variety we have is delicious enough.

If the seeds do mature we could mail them to an interested reader who might have the time, extra space, and inclination for an experiment in sweetness? The only thing we'd ask in return is some sort of status report so we could share the results.

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I would be willing to grow any of the seeds that develop. raises hand it sounds fun!
Comment by Angela Sat Aug 18 22:05:40 2012
I have never grown sweet potatoes before but am building a bed for them right now. I will be planting a dozen slip next summer. I wouldn't mind trying a couple of seeds and let you know how they turned out.
Comment by Mona Sat Aug 18 23:13:01 2012

I would be very interested in obtaining the seeds from you. As a bit of a hobby/serious breeder of various crops, I'm always looking for new genes. Its quite hard to get them to set seed. I would be looking for more than just sweetness. It doesn't hurt to try for quality and quantity.

Comment by T Sun Aug 19 02:01:45 2012
Good to see so much interest in the seeds! I'll try to remember to keep an eye on the pods, then. There are actually about half a dozen of them now, and since it's right outside the back door, I tend to check on them daily.
Comment by anna Sun Aug 19 19:13:20 2012

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