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Experimental deer repellant

What happens when you combine a small motor with some scrap tin and a power source? Hopefully a new type of contraption that will make the deer think twice before they enter our perimeter.

We finally solved the deer in the garden problem, and the solution was so elegant we gave it a new website.  Check out our deer deterrent website for free plans!

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comment 1

I seem to be bad about accidentally deleting comments lately. Daddy just asked, "How can you sleep with this racket?", and I deleted it. Guess I didn't want to think about it. :-)

Seriously, though...we haven't given it a shot yet. I suspect it won't be very loud in the house, and if I need to I'll add a fan. Anything to keep the deer at bay!

Comment by anna Wed Jun 17 20:33:10 2009
comment 2
I'm sure it would work, but do you really want to listen to that all day long? Could you sleep if it was on in the morning, night and evenings?
Comment by Everett Thu Jun 18 13:47:42 2009
comment 3
We've just had it on at night so far. I think Mark exaggerated the noise by videoing it with the mic right next to the tin. It's actually only barely loud enough to be heard inside. The jury's still out on whether it keeps the deer away, though.
Comment by anna Thu Jun 18 17:17:13 2009

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