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Experimental deer fence

deer fence to deter the invaders

One of the casualties of last year's big winter storm was our high fence to keep deer out of the mule garden in case one of the deer deterrents fail.

I finally got around to repairing the damage last week and decided one of the upper gaps was big enough for a deer to jump through. An experimental solution was to use some of this orange marking tape to deter any possible breach.

I know a deer could rip right through this thin plastic ribbon material, but if he or she does the evidence should be obvious, and then I'd know if this was a failure.

If it does prevent deer from thinking of jumping, then maybe someone else could use this as an ultra cheap fencing material that could be installed within a few hours depending on what type of posts or trees get incorporated.

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Instead of that fencing you could put up a couple of strands of bull wire and then a higher strand of something maybe the same(?) and using that tape like pictured. I've seen horses run into that wire and be pushed back. It's strong! It is cheaper than much woven wire and with flags of some kind so YOU can see it is really easy to maintain, and again it's strong. You're not going to keep all the critters out but if you're primarily concerned with deer this could be a viable alternative to woven wire fencing for the farm. I've also seen this wire used in electric fencing which keeps almost everything out.
Comment by vester Tue Jul 27 19:14:06 2010
We're mostly steering clear of fencing lately --- Mark's deterrents work pretty well. That was just an area of the garden very far from the house that already had an old fence in it, so Mark figured it'd be worthwhile to prop it back up. If we were going to fence, though, we'd probably take your advice.
Comment by anna Tue Jul 27 20:51:19 2010

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