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Dogwood winter monsoon

Dogwood winter rain

Broccoli seedlingIf I'd been watching the weather with my usual eagle eye, I wouldn't have set out two-thirds of our broccoli seedlings this week.  But I was too intent on looking at the rain percentages and hoping we wouldn't wash away in recent thunderstorms to notice the forecast lows.  (I only left the wheelbarrow out overnight to get the photo above!)

Which is all a long way of saying that frost is on the forecast for tonight and again for early next week.  So I'll be repeating my quick and dirty frost protection, trying to ensure that cold temperatures won't harm fruit plants that are even further advanced than last time.  Here's hoping we'll see just as little damage.

Our chicken waterer is perfect for chicks from day 1.

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we had the biggest rain storm I've seen in a long time yesterday afternoon/evening! LOL I thought we'd get washed away, all the neighbors that have basements were flooded. The creek out back got up to the edges and the road was still flooded bumper deep when hub came in around 8. we got some serious rain! glad to see you didn't get washed away and hope your broccoli plants are ok. supposed to have frost warnings out for tonight too.

keep up the good work, I love your blog and link to your stories frequently


Comment by pamela Fri Apr 6 09:14:42 2012
Pamela --- I know what you mean! We didn't have rain last night (thank goodness) but the two previous nights, it woke me up because it was pounding so hard on the roof. That, plus very loud thunder, was almost deafening.
Comment by anna Fri Apr 6 12:06:35 2012

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