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Dogs control rodents

Dead shrew in the snowLucy's worst trait is her tendency to dig up garden beds, diving in and sending dirt and vegetables flying in every direction.  Usually, I berate her and grumble under my breath about darn dogs, but lately I've had a change of heart.  I've been reading about how damaging mice and voles can be in the winter, girdling young fruit trees.  Granted, this guy that I found in the snow near one of Lucy's manaical digging sprees is a shrew (meaning that it eats insects and earthworms instead of plants), but I often find dead rodents left in her wake as well.  I wonder if she does more good than harm with her digging episodes?

Merry Christmas!  If you didn't get what you wanted under the tree, why not treat yourself to a poop-free automatic chicken waterer?

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First I enjoy your site on almost a daily basis during my breaks at work and I am a customer of the chicken waterers as well. I own two dogs and have been dealing with them digging in the yard over the summer. I get mad, fill in the holes and repeat. This winter I've started to notice the dogs enjoying some "rodentsicles" and I agree- I think she finds them in the snow and takes care of the "problem" for me.

Thanks for a great site. Cathy

Comment by Cathy in Caz Fri Jan 8 15:13:48 2010
Thanks so much for your kind words! I used to get so mad at Lucy (and I probably will again), but I think I'm going to try to give her the benefit of the doubt, at least for a while. :-)
Comment by anna Fri Jan 8 16:11:32 2010

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