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collage of day we went for disbudding

Today was the day Aurora was old enough for disbudding.

Dr Fuller in Gate City was so gentle our little goat barely let out a whimper.

We were very impressed with Dr Fuller's style and operation.

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I sure wish I could say the same. Mine both screamed. Pretty traumatic for them, and me!
Comment by Deb Tue May 3 00:04:19 2016
That's great you could find someone with experience, to do it. No more worrying about the job getting done. Did the little boy go for treatment too, or was her just along for the ride?
Comment by Chris Tue May 3 03:02:55 2016

Deb --- Our vet actually sedated the goat kids. I'm not sure what I think of that --- on the one hand, that seems a bit rough on their little bodies. On the other hand, he was very careful and made us wait until they were back to life before going home. I definitely wouldn't want to sedate at home, but I can see why Dr. Fuller did since it allowed him to whip through our goat and six other kids in just a few minutes without a disbudding box or lots of screaming.

Chris --- The boy stayed home because his eventual owner wants him to keep his horns. The herd he'll be living with in two months is all horned, so best not to take away his weapons or he'll get bullied!

Comment by anna Thu May 5 12:26:12 2016

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