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Digging the carrots early

Digging carrots

Previously, I've waited to dig our carrots until November, but this year I had a reason to move sooner.  Rye did well last year as a late-planted cover crop, so I've been pushing to find bare ground to finish up my 50-pound bag before the end of rye-planting season (a few Cutting ryeweeks after the first frost).  Carrot beds looked like perfect rye habitat, so out come the carrots and in go the cover crops.

In case you're curious, I only made it about halfway through my buckwheat challenge, but I've already passed that mark in my bag of rye.  It's been a cool, wet year and the spot I most wanted to improve was too waterlogged for buckwheat.  Oh well --- any extra organic matter is better than none.

Can you tell I got sidetracked less than a third of the way through the carrot harvest and went to help Mark troubleshoot the ATV?  I'll dig the rest today (barring other pressing projects) and stock the carrots away in the fridge root cellar for the winter.

Our chicken waterer is the POOP-free solution to a dirty homesteading problem.

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Do you leave your carrot tops in place to decompose? I discovered my bunny loves them so much that the chickens usually lose out.
Comment by Karen R Thu Oct 24 18:59:55 2013

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