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New England asters

External deadlines make me nervous, so I try to avoid them at all costs.  When I was in college, I was the one who wrote my paper the weekend before even though it wasn't due Squash and chamomileuntil Friday, and I now weed and topdress new garden beds the week before they're supposed to be planted so that the seasonal deadline doesn't creep up on me.

But sometimes you can't avoid deadlines, and this weekend is one of those times.  My editor emailed me the final draft of The Weekend Homesteader for corrections, due Monday.  Sure, I could have argued that I wrote into my contract that I had a month for this stage (mostly because I thought they'd mail proofs and I was afraid a flood might slow things down).  But I'd rather have the manuscript zip over to China ASAP so the presses will start rolling.

Mulched garden

Green tomatoesSo I've broken one of our farm's cardinal rules and am working during the weekend.  (Watering the forest garden by hand too, to give me a break between chapters.)  Now that I'm 75% of the way done, the stress of an external deadline is finally lifting off my shoulders, but I don't think I'll have any extra deep thought to spare once I get the book off my plate.

Which is all a long way of saying --- we're taking a week's vacation from Walden.  I hope you don't mind the extension.  Go enjoy your garden instead!

Our chicken waterer lets me ignore the flock when I don't have time for many chores.

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It's so hard to get a vacation to just sit back and enjoy the work you've done on your homestead - take a much needed break and enjoy the forest, the breeze, the flowers, the bees - and each other :) Peace . Love . Laughter Dharma Dogs

Comment by michele Sun Jun 17 09:12:08 2012
Take all the time you need. I'm just so grateful that you so willingly open your home to those of us still working on taking the BIG plunge into our own little homestead. You are truly an inspiration to us all. That being said I'll go back to my usual lurking status :-)
Comment by Charles J. Sun Jun 17 10:55:50 2012

Michele --- I'm getting a lot better at relaxing on the homestead. Mark's insistence and our beautiful porch make all the difference. :-)

Charles --- We're always glad to have virtual visitors on our farm! :-) Good luck with your homestead!

Comment by anna Sun Jun 17 19:19:37 2012
I had a bit of a 'sigh' believing I'd have to wait a week for new blog posts from my favorite bloggers: I thought you were taking a week off from Walden Effect, not from the book! Glad I was using you for poultry fencing research this morning, as it provided a nice surprise of new posts. Keep up the great work...until it really is vacation time. Then take a great break!
Comment by jen g Tue Jun 19 09:23:58 2012
jen --- I can see how you'd make that mistake! I guess I should have added the words "book club" to this post. :-) Luckily, the final draft of the paperback is all turned in, so I'm free!
Comment by anna Tue Jun 19 16:51:21 2012

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