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DIY golf cart pick up bed field notes

adjusting the dimensions of new golf cart bed

old first version of diy golf cart pick up bed
The new diy golf cart pick up bed increased our rear load capacity from 7 buckets to 9.

We've got a few ideas on squeezing room for more.

1. Haul buckets with sides removed. Maybe a ratchet strap would hold them in place. Extending the sides out just a few inches would allow an additional 3. It might require a post at each end of the back for the ratchet strap to wrap around.

2. Modify the sides so they angle outward and maybe go higher up so another layer of buckets can fit on top of the bottom layer increasing the rear load limit to 24. That might be too much weight when hauling moist manure or gravel, but wood chips should be light enough for that much volume.

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Hi, I was wondering if it was possible or even a better idea to attach a trailer to your golf cart to bring in supplies. I have a friend, Darrell, who uses his golf cart to go scrapping around town. He has said he's pulled a car trailer loaded down with scrap metal back to his house. I haven't heard of any trailers made for use with golf carts but with the right minds I'm sure one could be made.

Comment by JOHN Sun Jul 8 09:54:43 2012
John --- You asked this same question back in February. :-) You can see my reply by following the link.
Comment by anna Sun Jul 8 10:45:33 2012

love it! (that's it:-)

Comment by J Sun Jul 8 18:11:18 2012
J --- I love it too! I've been finding excuses to haul things ever since it got done.... "No, honey, you don't need to do that. I'd be glad to drive the fancy new golf cart out to the parking area and pick up whatever you forgot." :-)
Comment by anna Sun Jul 8 18:31:47 2012

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime