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DIY 10 foot high deer fence

using chicken wire to make 10 foot high deer fence

We noticed more deer damage this morning but this time we were able to follow her trail to a spot where we think she might be jumping over the fence.

It's a spot where we don't have a chicken moat.

Using two tall trees to attach to we were able to double the fence height on that section from 5 feet to 10 feet.

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We've been lucky so far this year and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. My garden is behind the house and while we don't have the entire area enclosed in fencing we do have the 2 sides fenced. I don't think the fencing is what is keeping the deer out of though since one side is about 4 feet and the other maybe 5 feet high. I think it's our dog that may be discouraging deer to venture over the fence. We kennel the dog when we're away from the house, but otherwise he's loose within a resticted area of our backyard. We using a wireless fence to keep him contained to the specific area of the yard and while he'll bark at things outside his perimeter he doesn't leave the area. Fortunately the garden at the outer limit of his covered area so I'm assuming he's standing guard. The deer are pretty bad in our area, but the ground hog are also becoming a real problem. My aunt has a very large garden completely enclosed with a 12 foot fence. It's keeping the deer out, but she now has ground hog and rabbits coming in under the fence. It's an ongoing battle to defend your food!
Comment by Tee Mon Jul 8 16:24:47 2013

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