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Cucumber cages

Cucumber cage

The extra bits of wire from our fence project make great cucumber cages.

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My just be me but your book titles in your store are all run together and hard to read.
Comment by Robert L Thu Jul 19 10:11:35 2018
I'm a real fan of recycling or rather repurposing things. I did something similar with some left over fence wire. I found an old frame from a street hockey net and folded the fence wire over it and that's what my Wando peas grow on. Works great!
Comment by Nayan Thu Jul 19 20:09:59 2018

The 3 R's--re-duce re-cycle & re-use Good idea! Good for you!

Comment by doc Fri Jul 20 16:12:52 2018

Wish there was a way to post a pic to show what I have done to reuse leftover materials. . .

We own an upholstery business. While cleaning & rearranging the shop, I found, we had so much leftover welt cord (the solid trim used around cushions, etc. . . some call it "piping"). . . and someone suggested it get tossed out. . .

NO Way!! I had the perfect idea to use it! Since we are temporary city dwellers (of sorts.. its living "in-town") . . . I had to conform to square foot gardening this year. . . Outside of our business' back door is a railing with top wood & 4 posts. Perfect place for my pickles & cucumbers! I used odd pieces of cement blocks to make planting bed, and used the Welt cord to tie a lattice work grid across the underside of the railing, on both sides! . . I used a few 2x4's to extend the front of the "fence" & planted 2 rows of pickles & cucumbers so it would be utilized on both sides. And it worked beautifully! I can see and pick cucumbers from both sides!

Comment by Lady Angel Fri Aug 3 15:03:02 2018

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime