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Clogged garden sprinkler repair

cleaning a metal sprinkler when it gets clogged

Sometimes these garden sprinklers need to have their head examined.

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Although I have to say that this is the first one that's ever got clogged up there, so the odds are pretty good. And it was easy to clean too!
Comment by anna Tue Jun 7 18:58:46 2011
when i worked on the ranch in Wyoming, we all carried a tool we called a head cleaner. it was just a short length of fencing wire that we could poke down into the heads (while the water was running) and the clog would clear. but when you're irrigating 7.5k acres it's a little more common to get clogged heads.
Comment by kevin Wed Jun 8 10:41:38 2011
7,500 acres --- yup, that's probably a few more sprinklers than we have going. :-) I'll bet you're one of those green circles you can see from the air when flying across the country, aren't you?
Comment by anna Wed Jun 8 11:26:33 2011
we had irrigation rights to property all over the valley. all our crops were feed for the bulls - oats and wheat, with the fallow fields getting a light seeding of clover. the main ranch was all un-irrigated pasture, so no big green circles. in fact, we used wheel lines that did not pivot, but rather we rolled up and down the field. typically we watered for 10 hours (from a community shared, snow melt fed, gravity and pump assisted "spring"), let the equipment sit for two days, moved it, ran it - repeat. we our haul at the end of a very short growing season (june first to august 15th) was in the neighborhood of 800 large rectangular bales. plus at the end of the breeding and growing season the cows were pastured on the field remnants for six weeks. i miss it every day.
Comment by kevin Wed Jun 8 11:41:25 2011
I can see why you would miss it.
Comment by anna Thu Jun 9 06:38:49 2011

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime