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Carrot cleaning assembly line

Carrot harvest

With some care, it's quite possible to over-winter carrots. But I've found the flavor is best if you instead harvest them after the weather has turned cold but before the ground has started to freeze.

I've been pulling the biggest carrots here and there for a couple of months now, but Wednesday I decided it was time to take the rest out of the ground.

Carrot cleaning

I planted an area about a quarter as large as I used to back in Virginia, which meant it only took about half an hour to clean them all up. An assembly line made the process more efficient, adding to the fast work.

I scrubbed in the filthy bowl to the right, rinsed in the cleaner water in the middle, then let the carrots drip dry in the steamer on the upper left while I processed another batch. The carrots on the towel are either small or injured in some matter --- I'll eat those quickly. Then I ended up with two big covered bowls to store in the fridge for winter meals.

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I'm not a patient guy either. But, we discovered long ago that time is our friend when it comes to cleaning carrots and potatoes. We put them in cold water and go away. Let them sit and soak for awhile. Then, later, the cleaning and scrubbing just seems to go so quickly. Cheers!
Comment by Tim Inman Fri Nov 9 09:11:55 2018

That's a good bit of carrots.What variety did you plant? I missed not having a garden this year. There will definitely be one next year.

Comment by bleueaugust Sun Nov 11 20:31:12 2018

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