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Baby goat!

cute baby goat

He showed up around 10 this morning.

There were no problems during the delivery.

Abigail and Anna are recuperating nicely.

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Congratulations to all of you! He's beautiful!
Comment by Rae Fri Mar 6 13:32:57 2015
Yeah! Congratulations!
Comment by Nita Fri Mar 6 13:44:43 2015
Congrats! He's adorable!!!
Comment by Amber Fri Mar 6 14:23:15 2015
Congrats on the arrival of your first kid! Just so darn cute. Glad it went well.
Comment by Kate Fri Mar 6 14:24:33 2015
Awwww! Congrats, guys. Now I can't wait to see all the pictures. :)
Comment by Rhiannon Fri Mar 6 15:29:47 2015

As Mark will say it's just so darn cute. it looks like a easter lamb.congrats.looking forward to watching it grow. Mom

Comment by roseanell Fri Mar 6 16:21:23 2015
Congratulations! More pictures!
Comment by Marco Fri Mar 6 16:44:00 2015
Everyone --- Thank you for your congratulations! You'll get lots more pictures and probably more information than you want in tomorrow morning's post. :-)
Comment by anna Fri Mar 6 16:47:27 2015
I dont know anna. I think he is too cute to eat.
Comment by kayla Fri Mar 6 17:19:42 2015
YAY!!!! He's beautiful. Now you should have a contest to name him! :)
Comment by Na Yan Fri Mar 6 17:20:47 2015


snoopy happy dance

Comment by Emily Fri Mar 6 17:23:40 2015
That is the cutiest baby goat, congratulations!!!!! Glad everything went well.
Comment by Linda Fri Mar 6 17:39:05 2015

I love how the wooden slats behind him make it look like he's emanating rays of light.


Comment by Juniper Fri Mar 6 17:46:35 2015
Welcome Baby Goat! I'm so glad all went well. You were probably on pins and needles as it was, so an easy delivery and healthy kid are a blessing indeed. Enjoy!
Comment by Leigh Fri Mar 6 17:51:36 2015
Yay! Look at that face.... are you happy for a little buck? since he is not, I assume, related to Artemesia, will you keep him for breeding, or make him a wether? And now you are faced with disbudding.... and banding... those two tasks seem like they might be big hurdles first time... glad it all went well
Comment by deb Fri Mar 6 17:53:51 2015
He may be too cute to eat but fortunately they grow out it.
Comment by tom Fri Mar 6 19:49:39 2015
Goooooooat! Goat goat goat look at him! Congratulations! I know you've been posting progress but somehow it still seems like magic that there was a real baby goat in there. (And I've, like, had kids, even.)
Comment by Amy Fri Mar 6 20:32:47 2015
yay for you guys! I've been dying waiting for the little kid! Happy delivery! So glad for you that it went well. I'm all smiles.
Comment by Jjennifer Fri Mar 6 23:37:26 2015

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