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Anchoring the refrigerator root cellar

choosing an anchor for the refrigerator root cellar

I bought the small stainless steel anchor at Walmart in the RV section.

When we got it home it started to look too weak for the refrigerator root cellar.

The bigger black anchor is what people use to secure a mobile home to the ground. I found ours today at a mobile home supply store in Coeburn for 8 dollars a piece. It was a struggle to sink it all the way in to our clay ground, which is a good sign that it's stuck in place and won't budge.

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If you can, fix the anchor to the side walls, not to the center of the back plane. Refrigerator walls are often sandwich constructions of plastic or metal sheets with polyurethane or polystyrene foam in between. These sandwiches as a rule do not like out-of-plane loads. It's better to put the load in plane with the side walls.

I hope that the spot you've picked has enough drainage... And you might want to put a couple of plywood plates on the sides in front of the fridge to prevent the ground around the entrance from collapsing.

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Nov 9 17:26:58 2012
I used to help move mobile homes... Just seeing those dirt screw anchors makes my back ache!
Comment by Phil Fri Nov 9 22:15:52 2012
I have been to Kings Furniture & Appliances here in town, they have a shop next door for selling odd & ends. I know I can buy for about $15 refrigerator and freezers that don't work anymore. I checked into it when I first read about your fridge root cellar attempt. anyway, have you thought about installing 2,3 or 4 of these in the same spot at once. Since your Gardening Harvests have been growing each year, maybe doing this all at once would save you time in the future. Love your garden stories, your photos of the animals and plants. I hope you guys are successful and never stop blogging about it.
Comment by john Sat Nov 10 05:36:03 2012

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime