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Acid cavity prevention

Regular golf cart battery brushing keeps the acid cavities away

Regular golf cart terminal brushing can prevent battery acid cavities.

We've been trying to brush off the gunk build up before it starts to weaken the metal.

I think it's going to help extend the life of the battery wires.

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After you clean your cables do you put dieelectric grease on them. The Autozone people told me helps to keep corrosion away.
Comment by john Wed Jun 20 20:23:09 2012
John --- Our mechanic recommended that as well. We haven't gotten around to tracking it down, but clearly should....
Comment by anna Wed Jun 20 21:14:19 2012
I used to use Vasoline on my electric car batteries. Word in the electrical vehicle crowd was that it works just as well and is lots cheaper. You'll probably get bits of lead in your jar though, so keep a separate jar for the batteries.
Comment by De Thu Jun 21 08:52:53 2012
Anna Try mixing a little backing soda in water.I use an old windex squirt bottle.It really eats away at any corrosion even the stuff that wicks its way up into the cables.Dielectric grease is sometimes listed as brake lube in my auto parts store.My favourite for cables is just a spray can of white grease. Rein
Comment by Rein Thu Jun 21 10:01:08 2012
I have used for years Lynx battery terminal protection spray. All autoparts stores should have it. It's red in color. Just clean everything and spray it all over.
Comment by Marco Thu Jun 21 12:37:19 2012

De --- I remember someone else recommending Vaseline, but managed to forget about it. That does sound much cheaper....

Rein --- Interesting to use baking soda, which is alkaline. Most people around here recommend pouring a coke on the terminals, saying the acid eats away at the corrosion. We don't drink soft drinks, though, so never gave it a try. Baking soda, though, we have in the kitchen. Maybe we'll try that next time.

Marco --- Sounds like another good option!

Comment by anna Thu Jun 21 16:01:49 2012

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