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A new area to explore

Swamp bridge

Our swamp bridge floated downstream a year and a half ago. Luckily, the Wandering bridgestructure easily disassembled into two parts, and Mark and I were just barely able to carry one half back to lead from goat pastures to floodplain.

The other half, though, remained resolutely downstream...until Mark and the Kubota did the work of two people with ease. Yay for a bridge back in the swampiest portion of my morning walk!

Floodplain grazing

The goats were equally thrilled at the addition since the bridge opened up a whole new arena of floodplain to explore. This area is a little bit close to the garden, though. Can you pick out the end of our trailer in the upper left side of the photo above?


I was never able to graze the goats in this region tether-free when Abigail was herd queen, but Artemesia is more malleable. My perfect doe grazed quite happily in previously taboo ground without ever making a break for the apple trees. It's such a pleasure to have a herd of well-trained goats!

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Any possibility of raising those bridge(s?) up a bit with concrete block and attaching them so they won't float away in the next flood?
Comment by Nayan Fri Sep 9 10:02:02 2016

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime