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A 10-Acre Permaculture Project

A 10-Acre Permaculture ProjectOne of my pet peeves about the permaculture world is that we all read the same books and then we regurgitate the information.  After you see the same idea in print five times, you assume it works...even if no one's really tried it.

Sara McDonald's A 10-Acre Permaculture Project: Site planning in the humid subtropics begins to fill that gap.  This design plan presents several good ideas for working around a high water table and producing an interwined permaculture farm.  I particularly enjoyed the beautifully drawn diagrams and the year-by-year implementation information --- I could have saved a lot of money and heartache if I'd planted my garden in cover crops for soil building from year one and waited to plant fruit trees until year three.

Of course, what I really want to see is before and after photos taken every year for the next decade with information on which parts succeeded and failed --- I'll look forward to buying that followup ebook in 2021.  In the meantime, I hope other non-big-name permaculture practitioners will self-publish their own plans and followups.  I promise, it's very easy to put an ebook up on Amazon, and if you tell me about your plan, I'll buy it and review it.

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Hi, I got your business book yesterday, love it so far. Know of any books like this for temperate permaculture, or whatever the Pacific Northwest counts as? I can find alot for tropics, but I will never live there. Would live to learn more applicable to where I want to live.
Comment by ashaldaron Sat Dec 15 10:56:54 2012

Ashaldaron --- Thanks for trying out Microbusiness Independence! There's a real paucity of books for temperature climate permaculture, but you might try Creating a Forest Garden if you're specifically interested in forest garden. It's set in the UK, but at least that's not tropical....

Sepp Holzer's Permaculture has a lot of interesting stuff too, but it's really more helpful for big scale farmers than for backyard folks. Also, it's about Austria.

It's not out yet, but I've got high hopes for Paradise Lot, set in Massachusetts.

Comment by anna Sat Dec 15 15:54:17 2012

Alshadaron, you should check out

There are lots and lots of resources for the PNW, and as the name suggests, the site is based in Oregon. My permaculture teacher is in Oregon, and that's his site. He often posts examples of his designs and he's very nice and would probably share some other resources with you. His name is Andrew Millison.

Comment by Sara Sat Dec 15 18:42:21 2012

@anna - I read Sepp's book, it was really interesting, but maddeningly lacking in detail. He is awesome for big picture, but not so good at filling in the blanks. At least not to me. Forest gardens do interest me, so I will check that one out, I will also keep my eyes out for Paradise Lot to launch.

@sara - I will check out Beaver State. Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by Ashaldaron Sun Dec 16 00:20:44 2012

Asha-- I thought it might be better to include a direct link to Andrew's page. He's got quite a few albums of his designs, including photos from his projects, available on this page:

Comment by Sara Sun Dec 16 08:37:47 2012

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