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100 bricks

Hauling bricks

100 bricks....

Fill bricks the worst driveway swamp.

Muddy tire

Do you think that'll keep us above the mud for 100 trips?

Our chicken waterer is the innovative way to bring clean water to your backyard flock.

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Have you considered doing a corduroy road through that area? Just laying similar sized logs down perpendicular to the path of travel to provide a solid surface can help tremendously! Just be sure that the logs are laid such that they don't impede the flow of surface water, and replace them as they decompose/sink into the mucky netherworld.
Comment by Ben Fri Oct 19 08:30:36 2012
Ben --- See here.
Comment by anna Fri Oct 19 08:58:43 2012

I am new to reading your blog, so excuse my questions.

Is the muddy drive on both sides of the creek? Is it ever mud free? How much of the driveway is problematic to drive on when the mud takes over?

Comment by Gerry Fri Oct 19 10:12:42 2012
I didn't know the way water drains in that area, but we once built a 28 foot French drain and a culvert along a very muddy section of trail, then built up the trail tread with gravel. Years later it is still holding nicely. Lots of manpower, but perhaps digging a channel to direct water flow and aid drainage and then adding material to the road surface might help. I imagine you've looked at all the options since you live with it every day.
Comment by Deb Fri Oct 19 10:17:07 2012

Gerry --- We have dozens of posts about the driveway --- try typing "driveway" into the search bar, or starting here and working your way back through the links. You'll find answers to all your questions and much, much more mud than you ever wanted to see. :-)

Deb --- Drainage is definitely on our wish list, but it would either require heavy machinery or lots and lots of man-hours. At the moment, we just fix the most troubled spots as they crop up and carry through.

Comment by anna Fri Oct 19 11:05:21 2012

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime