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PVC chicken feeder.

The recent storm we had was heavy enough to flood my new PVC chicken feeder.

I adjusted it to a drier location and added some side protection.

Posted Fri May 26 15:32:41 2017 Tags:
Freezing broccoli

Despite cutting back on most parts of the garden, we kept our broccoli plantings the same. They're just such a perfect crop --- tasty, productive, and easy to manage.

After gorging ourselves on huge heads all week, I packed 22 blanched pints away in the freezer for later. Two-thirds down and one-third to go!

Posted Fri May 26 07:09:52 2017 Tags:
Adding to the grape vine trellis.

We added two eye level horizontal stretches of wire to train our front grapes on.

Posted Thu May 25 14:31:06 2017 Tags:
Rainy roses

First the roar of rain and wind tear across our homestead...then the backup battery begins beeping its countdown warning as the power goes out. Quickly, I shut everything off, wanting to save our few remaining ounces of juice for the bare necessities --- making blog posts and charging my kindle. Then I go out to pick some strawberries for supper, noticing how different the world sounds without power.

Posted Thu May 25 06:35:02 2017 Tags:
Isolated hen in the kill coop.
I faced the chicken isolation coop so our egg eating hen could see her flock mates.
Posted Wed May 24 15:28:34 2017 Tags:
Broccoli harvest

Cutting the size of our planting area in half and focusing on our predictably heavy producers has been a life-saver this spring. Last summer, I'd gotten to the point where the work-to-reward ratio in the garden was tipping toward "not worth it." But this year, mornings in the garden are delightful, full of planting, weeding, mulching, and harvesting crops that I'm 90% sure will make the journey from seed to plate without too much work on my part. Success!

Posted Wed May 24 06:56:15 2017 Tags:
Egg eating hen caught in the act of trying to access roll out nest tray egg area.

I caught another egg eating hen today in the act of trying to access the egg area.

She's isolated for now to see if she's the only one.

Posted Tue May 23 16:19:54 2017 Tags:
Sun OvenI've always been intrigued by sun ovens, but I have to admit my one childhood experiment with the topic turned me off. We lined the inside of a cardboard box with aluminum foil, put a sheet of plexiglass on top, then watched as our food...sat there.

Luckily, other experimenters were more successful. Paul Munsen from Sun Ovens International has developed a pretty fancy solar cooker, along with plenty of excellent techniques to ensure your meals come out tasty (and not stone cold). He sums his experiences up in free video seminars which cover everything from which type of pot to use and whether to preheat all the way up to using solar ovens for non-cooking tasks like purifying drinking water.

And, yes, I'll admit, he tries to sell you one of his sun ovens too (for a discount). But the information portion of the seminar is valuable in and of itself.

Which brings me to your opportunity to watch, ask questions, and learn. Mark and I are hosting an hour-long video seminar with Paul on Wednesday, May 31, starting at 7:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time, (8 p.m. EDT / 6 p.m. MDT / 5 p.m. PDT). It's free and by invitation only (although you can tell your friends if you want to join up together), so please head over here if you'd like to preregister.

See you there!
Posted Tue May 23 06:42:54 2017 Tags:
Honda GCV 190 mower.

We've been using the new Honda GCV 190 mower a lot this month.

It's been flawless so far.

Starts on the first pull every time thanks to the Automatic Choke feature.

Posted Mon May 22 15:17:57 2017 Tags:
Sugar sprint peas

Even after a decade, we're still trying to find the best edible-pod pea for our garden. But 2017 might be the year that makes the cut!

We started out growing Mammoth Melting Sugar, but those were really snow peas (to be eaten when the pod is flat) rather than sugar snaps (to be eaten when the pod is plump.) So we tried Sugarsnap and Super Sugar Snap, which did indeed give us that sweet crunch we were craving...but also quickly succumbed to a blight that wilted the plants from the bottom up before they were done bearing.

Enter Sugar Sprint. The pods are plump and sweet, the vines are short but prolific, and so far their reputed resistance to powdery mildew seems to be holding true. Maybe these will be the perfect peas for us?

Posted Mon May 22 07:51:49 2017 Tags:

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