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Tossing firewood

When I went on my usual morning walk on Thanksgiving, the world delivered a gift right in front of my bootsteps. My work gloves had been getting holey, but not so bad I was willing to buy a new pair. So imagine my surprise to find a nearly new set on the road, soggy from rain but otherwise intact. Score!

That said, if you hunt along our road (which, no, I'm not going to  name) and lost a small pair of blue gloves with tree patterns on the back a couple of weeks ago, please let me know. They're only lightly scuffed and still quite ready to wear.

Posted Tue Dec 6 07:30:52 2016 Tags:
Wood splitting action shot.
The first day of wood chopping means Winter is coming.
Posted Mon Dec 5 13:50:57 2016 Tags:
Wet goats

We'd gotten so used to this October-in-December that the chilly rain came as a bit of a shock. No more halcyon afternoons lounging with the goats. Instead, it's a delivery of wet honeysuckle then back to fighting the cats for the prime spot in front of the wood stove.

Posted Mon Dec 5 07:33:46 2016 Tags:
Wet garlic

Despite the drought, our garlic sprouted and grew.

Its newspaper mulch is keeping invaders down, but we may still need to hand weed the beds once before spring.

Posted Sun Dec 4 15:40:07 2016 Tags:
Grazing goats

We won't know for sure until she fails to go into heat Wednesday, but I'm already starting to think of Artemesia as a second freshener. She's dried off (finally!) and is starting to shine back up on unlimited fresh minerals and hay combined with a daily dose of oats or honeysuckle.

Unfortunately, Aremesia has also taken to trying to pull me off my feet when I put on her leash and open the gate to lead her out into the garden. I'm assuming this abrupt leap from mild to headstrong is a result of the embryos swimming around in her belly, but I may still have to resort to goat training 101. Even a Mini-Nubian can pull me off my feet if I'm not careful!

Posted Sun Dec 4 07:31:27 2016 Tags:
mark Lucy nap
Lucy yawning on porch.

It finally got cold enough today for Lucy to use her heat pad for nap time.

Posted Sat Dec 3 16:18:09 2016 Tags:
Frozen pond

August 28 to November 28 --- three months, four inches of rain.

November 29 to December 1 --- three days, three inches of rain.

Our weather changes on a dime and abruptly we are wet once more.

Posted Sat Dec 3 13:08:00 2016 Tags:

Quick hoop trouble.

Some recent high winds whipped our longest quick hoop out of shape.

It just took a few minutes to put it back to normal.

Posted Fri Dec 2 15:40:52 2016 Tags:
Quick hoop trouble.

Some recent high winds whipped our longest quick hoop out of shape.

It just took a few minutes to put it back to normal.

Posted Fri Dec 2 15:32:15 2016 Tags:
Braided redbud

Ken's green thumb isn't limited to the contents of his new sunroom. Walking up to his front door, I was immediately taken by the braided redbuds lining the walk.

"Did you sculpt them yourself or buy them that way?" I asked.

He shrugged off the beauty of the trees, explaining that the technique had merely been a way of saving the redbuds from the ax. "My wife didn't like the way they were hanging over the walk," he explained. "She wanted me to cut them I braided them instead."

When asked for tips on sculpting trees, he suggested trying redbud or beech. "The trunks will grow together as they mature," he noted. I wonder what the trees will look like fifty years after their reprieve?

Posted Fri Dec 2 07:29:49 2016 Tags:

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