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new mulching mower blade close up

I've ordered a total of 8 mulching mower blades from Yard Parts Most of the time the blade shows up the next day through UPS. They really do earn the express part of their name

I think the unique twist shape of the blade is what helps to re-circulate the clippings back up to be mulched, but it also makes it more sensitive to warping if you hit the occasional stump.

We've almost got all the stumps taken care of, but I might not choose a mulching mower in the future due to this issue.

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It has been my observation (as a manager of an outdoor power equipment shop) that all of the cheaper mower blades are prone to bending when they hit the random stump, dont make much difference if they are side discharge or mulching...... it is unfortunate that they dont make good ones for anything except the commercial mowers. look up gator blades they are the most heavy duty I have seen beside the atomic blades but they only make the atomic blades to fit commercial toros. If they make a gator blade that fits your mower try one..... I have seen people use them to grind down stumps(though I dont recommend that!)
Comment by Aaron Burns Tue Jun 4 08:31:34 2013

Thanks Aaron for that report from the field.

We've been thinking of upgrading our mower to something more heavy duty and self propelled. I'd like to keep the size similar to make it through our aisles. I've heard good things about Honda mowers, but was wondering if you had any recommendations in this department.

Comment by mark Tue Jun 4 16:50:28 2013

Brand name dont make much difference (though I am a little partial to the Toro Super Recyclers) really its price range. The good ones start around $700-800!!!!!! thats why I have a really junky old toro put together out of 8-10 different broke down mowers:-) I also spend alot of time fixin it again and again. The only ones you really want to avoid is the junk they sell at the big box stores, But I am pretty broke so I understand being on a tight budget (there is alot of things I would rather spend 800 on besides a mower!) so in the lower price range I recomend Craftsman, they are build by american yard products AYP and are the best bang for your buck, and parts are a little cheaper (you will eventually need parts!) If you have a strong back you really cant beat a scythe! On my property I would love to landscape everywhere so all I have to do is weed eat paths.

Comment by Aaron Burns Wed Jun 5 08:10:31 2013

Aaron...Thank You!...that's exactly the kind of advice I was looking for.

What do you think about this deal?

500 dollars includes shipping.

Comment by mark Wed Jun 5 21:04:45 2013

Thats a new model I have never seen before. All the old Super Recycler Models that I have seen last a really long time Had Briggs and Stratton Engines. I would be a little leary of that "toro" brand engine.....toro dont build engines so it is probably a chinese engine wich can be hard to find parts for, or the parts are only sold as assemblys that are really expensive. I have seen engines that only need the carb rebuilt but you cant buy parts for the carb, only the whole thing, which can be as high as $200!
Also check with your local dealer or repair shop to make sure they honor the warranty on an online sale.....some dealers only do warranty work on mowers that they sell.

Comment by Aaron Burns Fri Jun 7 10:09:22 2013

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