The Walden Effect: Homesteading Year 5. Farming, simple living, permaculture, and invention.

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My husband and I are city dwellers but we both grew up in the country and while it wasn't on a farm we are both yearning for a simpler life.

At present we are waiting for the property market to improve so that we can sell our house and buy some land and get serious but for now I am loving your Weekend Homesteader Series.

As I am in Australia, we'll have to wait for November to get our garden beds ready but until then we'll be tackling other projects in the series.

This weekend my 3yo son and I are going to be making a worm farm.

You can see the results at our website

Will add a pic of us soon.

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I just wanted to know what the significance of the Walden Effect was and how you came up with the name.
Comment by Teresa Wed Jul 18 00:45:19 2012

Teresa --- Glad to meet you! Mark came up with the name when we were brainstorming ideas for the blog. Even though neither of us had read Thoreau's Walden, we felt like the name evoked the voluntary simplicity in the woods theme we were looking for. Here's Mark's post on the subject.

Of course, it turned out that once I read Walden, I was less impressed. But it seems like few people have actually read the book, and yet the name does still evoke what we're looking for. :-)

Good luck with your worm farm!

Comment by anna Wed Jul 18 07:26:49 2012

Hi Anna,

I just thought I'd post you a link to our video on the Worm Farm we built.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Cheers Teresa

Our Worm Farm

Comment by Teresa Sun Jul 29 23:28:26 2012
Thanks for sharing your experience! I hadn't thought to recommend that folks not get the clear containers, but that makes perfect sense.
Comment by anna Mon Jul 30 07:52:31 2012

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime