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Text on this wiki is, by default, written in a form very close to how you might write text for an email message. This style of text formatting is called MarkDown, and it works like this:

Leave blank lines between paragraphs.

You can *emphasise* or **strongly emphasise** text by placing it in single or double asterisks.

To create a list, start each line with an asterisk:

  • "* this is my list"
  • "* another item"

To make a numbered list, start each line with a number (any number will do) followed by a period:

  1. "1. first line"
  2. "2. second line"
  3. "2. third line"

To create a header, start a line with one or more # characters followed by a space and the header text. The number of # characters controls the size of the header:

# h1

## h2

### h3

#### h4

##### h5
###### h6

To create a horizontal rule, just write three or more dashes or stars on their own line:

To quote someone, prefix the quote with ">":

To be or not to be, that is the question.

To write a code block, indent each line with a tab or 4 spaces:

10 PRINT "Hello, world!"
20 GOTO 10

To link to an url or email address, you can just put the url in angle brackets: <>, or you can use the form [link text](url)

In addition to basic html formatting using MarkDown, this wiki lets you use the following additional features:

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I used this idea, got some twist ties on the web at, and it worked perfectly!

Thank you!

Comment by Matt Wed Nov 5 15:30:57 2014

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime