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There are also lots of food puzzles out there for cats in which they either have to use their paws to fish food out or bat around a ball that then releases food. We've used both with our three cats. Not only does it slow down eating but also provides enrichment.
Comment by Anonymous Sat Feb 17 21:47:18 2018
We have a kitty that eats super fast. We feed him canned cat food. So our solution is to mash the food against the bottom of the bowl so all he can do is lick, lick, lick. Im guessing you feed dry food?
Comment by Jennifer Sat Feb 17 10:21:29 2018
Could it be that Huckleberry is still feeling the effects of being moved from his former home?
Comment by Nayan Sat Feb 17 09:19:13 2018

Hi Guys,

Just wondering how you are able to break down the cost of your mini-split heat usage versus your hot water heater usage, since I think they are both electric. I think I read you also bought an efficient electric heat pump type of water heater as well and that it was quite loud and large, so you put it away from bedrooms. (Or am I just making this all up?? I've done that before. ;). I've read they are about 2/3 more efficient/cheaper to run than the conventional electric water heaters. If the above is true, just wondering what portion of the electric bill is for hot water. Thx kindly.

Comment by Heather Fri Feb 16 18:21:05 2018

Hi Anna and Mark,

Why not do your own? Then you know what is really in it?


Comment by John Fri Feb 16 15:51:50 2018
We have to come that way SOON!
Comment by Jayne Wead Fri Feb 16 12:22:20 2018

I have been wanting to go White's Mill for ages and have yet to make it down there. My Sister in Law keeps telling I need to make a trip there so I need to get my butt in gear and do so SOON.

Look forward to hearing about the soil too. I need to get started on my seeds but am waiting on an order from Baker Creek. JenW!~

Comment by bleueaugust Fri Feb 16 10:55:37 2018
Thank you
Comment by Phillip Thu Feb 15 19:57:14 2018
My first year ever planting 🍠 sweet potato plants abt 6 years ago they bloomed and I was in awe over the flowers. I didn’t know to save the seeds from the flowers and those sweet potatoes were the sweetest and best my family has ever eaten. I have been searching for that variety ever since. It indeed was the Purple Japenese Variety.
Comment by Janie Thu Feb 15 16:06:22 2018
I would think that after a year of living there you could get on bill averaging or what my power company calls budget billing, really smooths out the expensive months vs the cheap ones.
Comment by Eric Wed Feb 14 19:45:43 2018
I would have "sticker shock" if I got a bill for $300 for electricity as well! Seems to me you might want to install a wood stove asap.
Comment by Nayan Wed Feb 14 10:53:30 2018

Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed our hike and look forward to doing it again. And while I didn't chat much it was interesting to hear about him and his plans. You could tell he is passionate about what he is doing and wants to do.


Comment by bleueaugust Mon Feb 12 17:45:11 2018
This would be a good solution for the problem if it was an event that happened often, but I can count on one hand how many times I've seen rime this thick.
Comment by mark Mon Feb 12 07:36:12 2018

Since enclosed Yagi-Uda antenna exist, it should be possible to enclose the antenna in e.g. a plastic pipe with end caps.

You could even pump warm air in or put a small heating element in the pipe to prevent frost on the outside of the pipe.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Feb 11 07:27:49 2018
Can it be detached?
Comment by Jim Sat Feb 10 22:34:25 2018

Hi Anna and Mark,

There seems to be this presumption that testing germination with water is the best you can do.

Fukuoka got motivated when he found someone germinating 10 year old bean seeds.

I have always wondered what that secret formula was?

KNF [Korea Natural Farming] seems to be doing something similar.

So who says seeds ever really die? In the soil, some remain viable for 100s of years.

'Should' we be always presoaking them? In what?


Comment by John Sat Feb 10 18:35:44 2018
Is it too early in the year to post a review on your minisplt? What would you do different if you could have a do-over. Still on the fence on whether to buy one for this summer.
Comment by Phillip Sat Feb 10 18:17:48 2018

Well, if there is a temperature difference along a conductive material like steel, there is definitely heat flow.

And since heat always flows from high to low temperature, you probably won't get a break in summer.

To be fair though, this is probably not the the place of biggest heat loss. That will most probably be the windows, or general leakage. (You'd have to look at your house with a thermal camera or thermal phone attachment to identify where the largest heat losses occur.)

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Feb 9 12:33:23 2018
Beautiful photos, thanks for posting
Comment by Rose Hamilton Fri Feb 9 09:09:16 2018
Yesterday I took a friend to a luncheon north of Baltimore, taking the slower less traveled roads. Once we passed Frederick, MD, we saw miles and miles of beautiful trees and bushes covered with ice. Absolutely gorgeous scenery. One of the most beautiful ice covered scenes I have ever seen.
Comment by Sheila Fri Feb 9 00:12:34 2018
Maybe you could cover it with straw and dirt? Make a mound there, which could be excavated. Or actually use it as the ridgepole for a sort of very low storage area, even if the top is only like a bulkhead for a storm cellar. Or you might build cinderblock walls as high as the tongue on either side, and put a deck on top of the whole thing.
Comment by adrianne Thu Feb 8 18:33:53 2018

Nibbling on the pulp that surrounds the seeds is surprisingly good! When I see pods on the ground I always look for a juicy one, the pulp can be squeezed out for just a taste. There are even supposed to be some good cultivars out there.

I've tried brewing with them too. The result was so full of tannens that it made your throat itch. I'm going to try scraping the pulp or next time.

Comment by Christopher Milton Dixon Thu Feb 8 16:59:54 2018

Pretty much looks like at my house too. I posted pics on my blog yesterday. It's pretty but can be a pain. Anyway Look forward to seeing you Saturday.


Comment by bleueaugust Thu Feb 8 12:27:02 2018

Pretty much looks like at my house too. I posted pics on my blog yesterday. It's pretty but can be a pain. Anyway Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Comment by bleueaugust Thu Feb 8 12:26:14 2018

Wow what a great shoot. I've heard that the seed pods are edible and can also be fermented to make alcoholic beverages, not that I plan to try it anytime soon. My grandma has a honey locust in her yard but I've never tried eating the pods.


Comment by bleueaugust Wed Feb 7 14:09:38 2018


I'm a bit dubious that the tongue will help you out in the summer unless your interior temperature is higher then the exterior temperature.

If that tongue is sitting in the sun during the day it will be absorbing heat and transferring part of it into the rest of your house.

Perhaps if you sand it down and paint it white you can avoid having it be too much of an issue when things heat up.

Comment by Anonymous Wed Feb 7 12:29:05 2018
Sadly your winter heat sink will be a heat conductor in the summer, bringing the hot into your home.
Comment by Anonymous Wed Feb 7 12:24:17 2018
You could always coat the tongue with foam insulation to neutralize it's heat/exchange properties.
Comment by Kris Wed Feb 7 09:02:22 2018
Reflectix may be a quick and easy way to insulate the tongue even if you only choose to do it in the winter.
Comment by Brian Wed Feb 7 08:50:08 2018
Beautiful picture!
Comment by Jean Tue Feb 6 17:24:26 2018
Love this - great capture with pod in her mouth! And in a snowstorm to boot!
Comment by Jayne Tue Feb 6 09:03:44 2018

I love how Mark is doing the doors and vents, looking very professional, give you guys an A+ . I too like Maggie was interested in the overall temperatures since you added the skirting. Lowe's will be able to match that green color for paint as well.Just be sure to either primer first or get a paint with a primer added. Roseanell

Comment by Rose Mon Feb 5 11:04:51 2018

It's made a huge difference! We haven't been into single digits since the skirting went up, so it's not a true test yet. But we've been as low as 11 Fahrenheit outside without any freezing issue either in our incoming water lines or our drains. (Without the skirting, the incoming lines started freezing up in the high teens.)

I feel like it's keeping the air temperature inside our trailer warmer too. I turned off the minisplit last night because it was 34 outside when we went to bed and I thought it was going to be a warm night. I woke up to 13 degrees outside, but 41 inside --- pretty good for a night without heat!

Comment by anna Mon Feb 5 09:40:28 2018
I am curious, is the skirting making a difference to your interior environment? Is it protecting your pipes and drains from freezing?
Comment by Maggie Turner Mon Feb 5 07:55:17 2018
I'm sticking with my big old fashion fringe antenna on a tower. My antenna doesn't care if the signal is analog or digital and can receive signals from Erie, Akron, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Bottom line, big antenna's on a tower with a roter equal good signals.
Comment by Zimmy Sat Feb 3 07:08:58 2018

"a surprising amount of stations but not much worth watching."

Modern television in a nutshell. :-)

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Feb 2 16:57:31 2018
Thank you! Brilliant!!!
Comment by Terry Fri Feb 2 12:01:47 2018
Thank you for the reminder that onion seeds only last 2 years. I was puzzled as to why my onion seeds weren't sprouting. They're probably dead. So... they get put into the herb grinder and mixed with other dead seeds to form a powder which I then sprinkle over various foods.
Comment by Nayan Fri Feb 2 09:50:14 2018

Hi Anna,

I discontinued paid cable for the same reason. I wonder if the usenet news feed is still around. It would make putting up an antenna of some interest. I seem to recall it was a subchannel on FM or TV at some point in the past? I wonder if RF networking with our nearby friends will take off sometime like the world wide web did? After all that is how the 'web' began!!

warm regards to you both.

Maybe growing nutrient dense things will once again get talked about?

Have you read the Jarvis-Folk Medicine book. If you have not, you should :).


Comment by John Fri Feb 2 08:53:07 2018
Yes...I'll update in a few weeks. I did try a nice looking indoor unit and it only worked for the strong local PBS stations as long as there were not too many clouds. The new antenna once it is pointed in the right direction pulls in a surprising amount of stations but not much worth watching.
Comment by mark Fri Feb 2 07:21:10 2018

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime