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This is a great introduction and overview of permaculture concepts. The book covers a lot of material for initiates to permaculture. So, I do recommend this book as a good introduction to permaculture. Great book to begin wrapping one's thought process around Permaculture; I think this is something that should be required reading in the school system.
Comment by Rancho Delicioso Fri Dec 9 02:27:01 2016
I bought clothespins from Herrick because I was tired of the cheap ones falling apart. While I don't know if they will last a lifetime the workmanship is superior. After 3 years they still look & work like New. The hinges still keep the clothes on the line even on high wind days. :)
Comment by Vicki Thu Dec 8 21:56:13 2016
My little dog, Rosie, chews on plastic bottles tool Ha! Ha!
Comment by mona Thu Dec 8 21:40:59 2016
Daddy --- You'll save me two more years of indecision. :-)
Comment by anna Thu Dec 8 18:23:56 2016
I know what you're gonna get for Christmas.
Comment by Errol Thu Dec 8 11:04:48 2016
One thing that helps with Strider is to not walk near him inside with heavy boots on.
Comment by mark Wed Dec 7 16:08:36 2016

Not sure if you realize this or not, but the wonderful picture of your cat competely overwrites the post so that many of the words are not distinguishable. :( Having a kitty that's skittish around others as well, I'd love to see how your cat blooms.

Comment by Nayan Wed Dec 7 14:00:27 2016

Hi Anna and Mark,

Just gotta figure out which road to say I was walking along :).

First snow here in NH. Just discovered that my snow shovels still work !!

Love to you both, John

Comment by John Tue Dec 6 13:41:11 2016
Today is the feast of St. Nicholas, in the Eastern church. Maybe he left you a present ;)
Comment by Cord Tue Dec 6 08:27:01 2016
Fabulous timing!
Comment by Roz Mon Dec 5 20:34:59 2016
I always enjoy reading about your goat adventures, even if I don't always comment about them. Here's hoping Artie is in the family way again. I suspect she's pulling you off your feet, to get to all that mineral rich fodder.
Comment by Chris Sun Dec 4 17:50:58 2016
What an adorable picture! I don't have a guard dog; I have a guard cat, who runs in the other direction if there's a problem!
Comment by Nayan Sun Dec 4 10:13:59 2016
We have the best guard dog ever! But she is getting up there in age. So on cold nights, she is invited into. Eventually we will have to replace her. But I don't know where we are going to get a dog that does her job as good as she does.
Comment by mona Sun Dec 4 09:14:50 2016
We've had a drought here in southern Oregon for the past several years. This past spring, we were blessed with more rain then we've had in years. This past fall we have experienced a windfall of rain. We are happy as a soggy duck. Ha! Ha
Comment by mona Sat Dec 3 14:34:02 2016
can you comment about the flavor vs the flavor of butternut or regular pumpkins?
Comment by rebecca Fri Dec 2 12:47:06 2016

Collecting the solid waste would be the hardest part, I imagine.

In a vacuum environment wou could simply let the moisure boil off. That would reduce the volume and kill most if not all bacteria.

Comment by Roland_Smith Thu Dec 1 16:41:37 2016
I think they are not so worried about dealing with the waste as moving it away for delicate anatomy, their current solution is a diaper, so the threshold for improvement is low.
Comment by rebecca Thu Dec 1 16:26:29 2016
I'm SO jealous! I've been wanting something like that for my place, but because of a variety of factors, it's not feasible for me. :(
Comment by Nayan Thu Dec 1 09:36:03 2016

To what species do the plant cells and endophytic hyphae belong? Both Neotyphodium lolii and Neotyphodium coenophialum were mentioned. Were the cells annual or perennial ryegrass?

Thank you!

Comment by Belle Harris Wed Nov 30 00:38:29 2016
Comment by jeff Tue Nov 29 20:08:23 2016
Love the pic of your Mom. It takes 8 of my sweet potatoes to feed 3 people. Still happy with every one I get. Sweet Potatoes are one of my favorite crops to grow. Easy easy.
Comment by Shelia Tue Nov 29 12:07:29 2016
I'm really looking forward to seeing this video when it's finished. Is Mark planning on uploading it to Youtube at some point? If not, would he consider doing so?
Comment by Nayan Tue Nov 29 09:22:42 2016
I look forward to seeing the final version! It sounds exciting!!!
Comment by Sheila Mon Nov 28 21:35:15 2016
So Mark's planning on making lemonaide? (snark)
Comment by Nayan Mon Nov 28 09:28:33 2016

I grow them to make stuffed pumpkin: My best harvest was when seeds sprouted out of the compost pile and the plant grew up a nearby white pine tree. Harvesting heavy orbs from 15 feet above my head was an experience! I cut, and the husband caught....

Comment by Julie Mason Sun Nov 27 07:48:58 2016
I've been enjoying your blog for years! I appreciate your honesty and scientific approach to things. I too have an older mobile home and was wondering about covering up the old panels. It would be great if you could offer a more detailed tutorial of your techniques, or a video! Or perhaps at least a link to any sites or videos you found helpful. I would like specifics about materials used and techniques used. Thanks for all the great content you post : )
Comment by Veronica Sat Nov 26 04:40:49 2016

I find myself using more and more bales of hay as the years go by. I am going to try building a hay bale garden next summer.

It is a valuable and versatile product we use every summe

Comment by mons Fri Nov 25 22:04:24 2016
My 1987 DS electric Clubcar ran out of control. It would not stop and it appeared to speed up when pressing the brake. What will cause this to happen?
Comment by Carl Fri Nov 25 19:55:30 2016

Mama Mia! That'sa big sweet potato!

I love the pic of your mom's expression. Priceless!

Comment by Nayan Fri Nov 25 10:42:49 2016
Why do people have to be so technical, it was an idea, and it works, thats all that matters.
Comment by Robert Craig Perry Thu Nov 24 19:04:49 2016
Well, I don't know about stucco, but it sure does look like plaster, which in my opinion looks even nicer.
Comment by Natalia Thu Nov 24 17:08:40 2016
Did I tell you about the cloudspotter's guide?
Comment by Thu Nov 24 11:22:41 2016

Roland --- Yeah, cleverness is always the bane of a good lie. Very interesting about weretigers! I've been interested to see the different kinds of shapeshifters in mythology in different parts of the world. They seem to be nearly ubiquitous, but with very different characteristics in different places.

Sarah --- I adore Patricia Briggs! My books are quite a bit derivative of hers because she just can't write as fast as I want her to. :-)

Eric --- Good question! Wolf Rampant is PG-13 and is likely okay for your daughter (depending on her maturity level). By popular demand, the Alpha Underground series is a bit spicier, although still pretty mild by modern standards.

Comment by anna Wed Nov 23 16:19:37 2016

Thanks for the suggestions but we have been using heat tape on those pipes when they come out of the ground into the trailer for a few years now.

We also went through a round of using that heat tape to make a heated chicken waterer before I evolved to the modified heated horse water bucket.

Comment by mark Wed Nov 23 15:25:06 2016
I second the comment on heat tape. Unless Mark enjoys thawing pipes the self regulating version uses no juice unless its freezing. My cousin even drilled a hole in a sewer plug and threaded it down a sewer pipe until it went underground.
Comment by Anonymous Wed Nov 23 11:21:11 2016

When we lived at our country house, many of our neighbours used the nearby freshwater lakes as their water supply. They used heat cables to prevent the lines from freezing during the winter, with temperatures frequently falling below -30C.

Comment by Maggie Turner Wed Nov 23 09:23:42 2016
Sorry, when I interfere. But this is the worst tool, to catch a snake or any other animal alive. You don't want to get caught by a snare yourself. Do you? I'm doing snake rescue service, and have to deal with cobras quiet often. Sometimes I met the common rescue service of our island on site. Unfortunately they were on site earlier than me, and caught the cobra with snare. I asked them to hand it over, and I would take care of the relocation. I kept it in observation over night, and it didn't survive, because of the bruises inside the throat. After that I asked them to stop using the snare, but they were to scared to learn the proper way from me. So I asked them to bring me all snakes for observation. And I found the same case again. In the morning I found some of them dead. So pleeease don't recommend this tool. It's just torture. It's even better to kill the snake straight away. I don't understand, why people think, that snakes don't feel anything. They're pretty sensitive. Try the snare on yourself, and you can imagine what they feel. Please call the local snake relocation service or private reptile keepers. They know how to deal with snakes in a proper way. Thank you! By the way... there are not many chicken egg eating snakes on this world. And if you find one, it wont be dangerous. Not necessary to use any of the available snake catcher tools. ;)
Comment by Stefan Wed Nov 23 07:23:54 2016

OMGosh, I haven’t done that since I was a kid! Mostly we didn’t plant them…just had fun watching them grow. I have some sweet potatoes in the pantry, and I think I’ll start them to plant outside. Thanks for the tutorial. Visiting from My Turn for Us, Freedom Fridays.

Comment by Abner Wed Nov 23 01:04:08 2016

Ha! An alter ego...

Would these books be appropriate for a 12 yr old daughter who is very in to a series in which feral cats have their own society, or is it too steamy?

Comment by Eric Tue Nov 22 21:17:33 2016
Thanks Anna for answering my quest for a full pic ahead of completion. I am loving it!!
Comment by Jayne Tue Nov 22 08:24:04 2016