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These varieties have been surrounded by hundreds of cedars for three years with zero sign of CAR:

Paducah, Caney Fork Limbertwig, Kentucky Limbertwig, Black Limbertwig, Keener Seedling.

Maryland zone 7B


Comment by Anonymous Wed Oct 26 17:13:12 2016
Where are you getting your mushroom spawn from? I've never heard of "snow caps".
Comment by Nayan Wed Oct 26 08:06:06 2016
Your series of only 6 yrs is too short to have much meaning. There are 11, 22 and 60 yr, and longer cycles in the temp record. Weather/climate follows the math of chaos with strange attractors, so it kinda always "averages out." Pay attention to the "record highs & lows for this date" on the daily newscasts: it's amazing how often the two record temps occur within a few yrs of each other. We can only be sure that next January will be cold and next July will be hot (maybe).
Comment by doc Wed Oct 26 07:53:48 2016
How to repair a washing machine wringer
Comment by Anonymous Tue Oct 25 15:58:50 2016
Are the readings based on magnetic compass readings or are they corrected?
Comment by Jeff Tue Oct 25 14:41:15 2016

I find the jump from 2011 & 2012's date to 2013's date to be fascinating. It appears as thought from 2012 to 2013 there was a jump of 18 days (from 10/3 to 10/21) and then the earliest date since then was only 10/17.

I've been saying for the 18 years that I've lived in this area that the season are migrating with warmer weather pushing into late October and November, and warmer weather expanding in the "spring" into early March and February.

Fascinating all of this, no?

Comment by Nayan Mon Oct 24 09:48:02 2016

I too had red rangers this year. They got good and large 6+ lb at 14 weeks. They all had LOTS of yellow fat.

I seem to remember that someone said red rangers are hybrid birds and as such it depends a lot on the genetics of the parents and there is a lot of veritability in the different hatcheries

Comment by BW Sun Oct 23 14:48:10 2016
Hmmm strange…our Rangers have yellow fat, weighing in at about 5+lbs but they did get some scratch, so maybe it was the corn in the scratch. Maybe the breed various some??? We did have some other chickens with white and some with yellow fat, so maybe it is the breed and its variations? The Amish in our area commented about the Cornish Hens, saying that they only feed them in the morning and at night and they don't have a problem with them dying; however, they are confined in chicken tractors on pasture. Not sure if my comment is helpful or not. I just hope you don't stress too much. The chickens are healthier than anything from a grocery store - yellow or white fat :) - cheers!
Comment by Patty Sat Oct 22 16:24:09 2016

hang on little tomato!

Comment by Wendy P Sat Oct 22 15:23:20 2016

I'm confused on how to plot the degrees on your spreadsheet. Below I entered the deed for a piece of property. I assume I start with N 56.75 W 285 feet but after that point I get lost. Can anyone help? John

Also part of the east half of the northeast quarter and part of the east half of the southeast quarter of section 27, township 38 north, range 12 east, described as follows: beginning at a point in the east line of the southeast corner of said section 27 at its intersection with the north right of way line of the abandoned St. Joseph Valley railroad Company as described in deed book 62, page 161 in the Steuben County Recorder’s Office, said beginning point being about 60 feet north of the southeast corner of said section 27; thence with said right of way line north 56 - 3/4 degrees west 285 feet more or less to a point 1300 feet southeast of the west line of the east half of said southeast quarter as measured along said right of way line; thence north 21 degrees west 1950 feet more or less to a point in the center of a public road, said point being 400 feet easterly from the west line of the east half of said southeast quarter as measured along the center of the said road; thence with the center of said road north 78 degrees east 200 feet more or less north 37 - 3/4 degrees east 700 feet more or less and due east 300 feet more or less to the east line of said section due south 2575 feet more or less to the place of beginning, containing 33.25, more or less.

Comment by John Bachelor Sat Oct 22 11:38:50 2016
Just in case I was not clear before,. What I really wanted to say was thank you for pointing out fodmap, which I had not heard of before it will probably help my husband now that we can plan in advance which foods are likely to cause problems. Also do not worry that things are not back to normal even if you are doing g everything right, and it sounds like you are, it can take months for the gut to be happy after a single insult.
Comment by Rebecca Sat Oct 22 07:55:51 2016

Reading these comments is like listening to a discussion of religion down at the corner pub ;-)

Diarrheal diseases can be basically broken down into 3 categories: (1)damaged mucosa preventing proper absorption of nutrients & water &/or causing excessive leakage of water into gut [b] osmotic-- poor absorption of certain foodstuff that draw excessive water into bowels and [3] motility disorders.

Things like IBS or enzyme deficiencies & allergies don't usually start suddenly. Most infectious diseases (but not all- eg: giardiasis or amoebiasis) are self limited, lasting only a few days. Endocrine diseases like hyperthyroidism or pancreatic tumors are often over-looked as causes. Presumably stool samples have been submitted for detection of infectious agents/parasites. A colonoscopy seems to have been done. Scoping the upper GI should also be done to detect celiac disease as well as peptic problems.

When the diagnosis is not definite, non-specific treatments are in order: start with liquid diet, adding in solids one at a time, avoiding the obviously hard to digest, like fatty meats, or high cellulose/starch foods. Immodium can be used to make life a little more convenient, hopefully to be eventually discontinued.

While Anna's rustic lifestyle makes us suspicious that some infectious/parasitic agent may be at work, it doesn't necessarily have to be.

Comment by doc Sat Oct 22 07:14:54 2016
Because it seems to me that a diagnosis of IBS basically means "we don't know what's wrong with your gut". :-(
Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Oct 21 17:06:04 2016

Roland --- I've been trying not to dive into the nitty gritty of diagnosis here because even the doctors aren't sure what I have/had and I don't think debating my symptoms with the non-medical is helpful.

That said, I have done a round of heavy duty antibiotics that may have wiped out the original problem. And I'm pretty careful with all the manure I play with so I doubt I've reseeded any bad critters.

Most likely, I did get some kind of infection (either waterborne or foodborne or possibly just a shift in gut bacteria toward the baddies and away from the goodies) in the first place. Unfortunately, it was bad enough it upset my gut enough to make it really sensitive to...well...anything.

Technically, it's not irritable bowel syndrome until I have it for six months and have also definitively disproved other possible causes like microscopic colitis with a colonoscopy and other tests. I have high hopes to lick this problem before that deadline. But, otherwise, that's the most likely current diagnosis and why the FODMAP diet is likely to help.

Comment by anna Fri Oct 21 15:28:22 2016

@adrienne: Alcohols are are substances that consist mainly of carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) atoms but contain one or more oxygen/hydrogen groups (OH). Ethanol (C₂H₅OH) is an alcohol with a single OH group. Alcohols with more than one OH group are called polyols. Galactans are polymers of galactose (milk sugar); multiple galactose molecules linked together.

@dan: Even healthy guts are filled with coliform bacteria...

@anna: Even if you switched to bottled water (taking away a possible source of infection) that won't solve any infections you might have. And since you also handle manure and presumably goat and chicken poop, there are plenty of other infection sources around.

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Oct 21 15:16:40 2016
Have you tried beano? It is supposed to digest the oligosaccharide portion of fodmap. It also looks like not everyone has every part. I think Robert probably has this issue ( only the oligosaccharide) since all the foods that bother him are listed as top offenders. I do not but with food allergies, I found the best test was to eliminate almost every thing and add a single item in only once every 3 days to make sure my tummy agreed. It maybe that tummies just take time to heal and the bacteria needs to rebalance after drugs and a diet change. If I have an allergic reaction, it takes me 4 months to stop the diahrea and calm my system.
Comment by Rebecca Fri Oct 21 15:03:26 2016

Mom --- You can see the foods broken down by category on the second page here.

Dan --- That could possibly have been implicated at the beginning, but water definitely isn't the issue now since Mark put me on store-bought water a couple of months ago just to be safe. And, to be fair, my illness isn't recurrent --- it's just slow to heal and never stopped.... But I appreciate your input!

Comment by anna Fri Oct 21 13:04:21 2016

Do you filter your water or have you tested your water?

Recurrent gastro-intestinal illness = Coliform bacteria

Comment by Dan Fri Oct 21 09:43:13 2016
glactans and polyols are what??--thanks!--mom
Comment by adrianne Fri Oct 21 08:30:24 2016
Wow. So the only downside is you may actually have to do a little work?! LOL "Black plastic, evil evil evil"....... Tree huggers. So what you're saying is, it's a great idea.
Comment by Curtis Johnson Wed Oct 19 22:53:32 2016
Yes....the end of their journey will be in our bellies.
Comment by mark Wed Oct 19 15:59:20 2016
WOW!!! Awesome site! Thanks so much for posting a link to this!
Comment by Nayan Wed Oct 19 15:54:18 2016
I am curious to know this too: Can you put DE in the bin to kill ants already in the bin or will it harm the larvae too? I just started my first bin with purchased larvae a few weeks ago and the larvae are growing like mad. Saw my first adult yesterday, and I think it was a wild one attracted to my bin since my grubs are still young. But I have a big ant infestation and I don't know: 1) if the ants will harm the grubs or just compete for food. And 2) if you can use DE in the bin to kill the grubs. Any advice would be appreciated.
Comment by Jessica Wed Oct 19 14:00:49 2016
The topography makes it look like a fisheye or wide angle lens was used.
Comment by Chris Wed Oct 19 12:42:55 2016
What a gorgeous picture! Do they harvest the rye and grind it or do they just grow it for straw?
Comment by Nayan Tue Oct 18 09:24:44 2016
I love my wringer washer's agitation . . . but I very much miss a spin cycle. My clothes take forever to dry - the benefit I guess is the weight of the remaining water pulls out any wrinkles. Thanks for the review, maybe when I'm ready for an upgrade!
Comment by Charity Mon Oct 17 22:21:07 2016
Are they heading to Freezer Camp soon??
Comment by Heather Mon Oct 17 22:08:03 2016
Yay for you guys! Great that the washing machine is working out! I'll look forward to an update in mid-January when you're not fussing with the wringer in frigid temps. 😀
Comment by Jennifer Mon Oct 17 20:39:28 2016
Would it be possible for you to build an addition (say around 16 feet square?) onto your trailer so you'd have more room for storage? My neighbor did that onto his trailer and it made a big difference for him.
Comment by Nayan Mon Oct 17 13:19:33 2016
MotherNature has been experimenting with cover crops for eons and has already figured out the best species for every given situation. Why not follow her lead? I use weeds as cover crops, green manure and mulch. You can't completely get rid of them anyways, so put 'em to work!
Comment by doc Mon Oct 17 07:35:39 2016
Funny toes? What kind of critter is that? The fur is short but the toes are long.
Comment by Anonymous Sun Oct 16 19:15:21 2016

Roland --- Unfortunately, that's an impossible question to answer. Neither of our previous two off-road vehicles had an odometer, and the golf cart was electric. So --- no comparison possible. Mark might be able to guess for the ATV, but I'm afraid I didn't pay enough attention. :-/

Chris --- We're not using the Kubota as a second vehicle on the road and don't plan to except possibly in a very rare instance like that one snow storm that locked us up in our driveway for over a week. As you can see from Mark's data, for our uses we're driving 2.5 miles per week...which means the fuel efficiency could be a tenth of what it is and still only barely impact the bottom line. At current gas prices, we're spending about $3 per month on Kubota fuel. And, no, that doesn't cut into our budget appreciably.

Comment by anna Sun Oct 16 09:44:00 2016
How are those hive beetles in your neighborhood? I'm in new England and they're starting to bug us. Happy keeping, enjoy the honey!
Comment by Kaat Sun Oct 16 08:36:55 2016

Thanks for reporting on the mileage, although I'm from a country that uses British Imperial measurement. So not quite sure of the conversion. I don't expect you to do any calculating, if I don't. ;)

Just wondering if it meets with your budget for fuel though? When we purchased a second vehicle at the beginning of the year, one thing we focused on was fuel efficiency. As you can literally save thousands, depending which way the price of petrol swings. But that's a road vehicle.

My question is, does fuel for the Kubota meet the budget for what has to be forked-out per week/month in fuel? It's like a second vehicle (as in our case) and you have to find the extra money from the existing budget, to run it. In our case, we have to cut back on other things if we want to use that vehicle more, or use the vehicle less in order to pay for other things. We don't use "exact" numbers, but we tweak depending how we want to use the vehicle.

Have you noticed it's impacting your budget in any positive or negative ways?

Comment by Chris Sat Oct 15 23:51:37 2016
So, how does the Kubota compare to the ATV and the golf cart?
Comment by Roland_Smith Sat Oct 15 14:54:39 2016

Interesting article, that has a familiar vibe of "why not reclaim mobile homes as valuable and useful, rather than shameful".

Comment by Emma Fri Oct 14 14:44:19 2016

Pat.....that's a good idea.....I'll give it some serious thought.

Chris......good question...stay tuned for a post dedicated to that issue.

Comment by mark Thu Oct 13 15:12:48 2016
The longest I've ever been sick was a few years ago when I had pneumonia, taking well over a month to recover...nothing too big in the scheme of things really. But the biggest surprise for me was, as you say, the loss of brain power. That was surprisingly hard and gave me an empathy for people who suffer from chronic illness. Glad you you are on the mend and hope the gut thing is leaving for good.
Comment by Doug in NW GA Wed Oct 12 22:34:48 2016
I am glad you are the mend! Ellen in Oregon (I read your blog every day and have instituted lots of your ideas - thank you for posting such helpful knowledge.)
Comment by Anonymous Wed Oct 12 16:57:38 2016

If you find yourself doing the same thing for each picture, you should consider using ImageMagick from the command-line.

For instance, to shrink all photos in a directory to a width of 1024 pixels (while keeping the aspect ratio) and save them as JPEG files to a separate directory, you could do this (the ">" is the command prompt):

> mkdir small
> mogrify -path small -resize 1024 -format jpg -quality 80 *.jpg

An example:

> ls
img_4300.jpg  img_4301.jpg  img_4302.jpg  img_4302.jpg  img_4304.jpg
> mkdir small
> mogrify -path small -resize 1024 -format jpg -quality 80 img*
> identify img_4300.jpg small/img_4300.jpg
img_4300.jpg JPEG 3648x2736 3648x2736+0+0 8-bit sRGB 3.488MB
small/img_4300.jpg JPEG 1024x768 1024x768+0+0 8-bit sRGB 112KB

Another example to add a copyright notice to the metadata of a bunch of JPEG files:

> mogrify -comment 'Copyright © 2016 A. Hess' *.jpg

Of course ImageMagick can do a lot more than just change the size of a picture. It is also possible to draw on images, or add visible text. See e.g. the examples on the website. The website also has extensive documentation on all the options.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Oct 12 16:43:25 2016