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It is possible the man you were dealing with was transferred. Most Japanese businessmen are transferred to different departments every 3-4 years to get a better overview of the whole company. So the new people may not speak English, or may be just swamped with work they have no clue how to do yet.

I hope it works out for you!

Comment by Eric in Japan Sun May 1 19:55:09 2016

The German company Dopplmayr seems to sell a similar product, the monorack.

They have a subsidiary in the USA:

Doppelmayr USA, Inc. Head Office USA
3160 West 500 South 
Salt Lake City 84104
+1 801 973 79 77
+1 801 973 95 80
Comment by Roland_Smith Sun May 1 16:10:38 2016
Is there any chance my Prunus Besseyi / Sand Cherry bush will pollinate my Nanking cherry? I don't have a 2nd Nanking.
Comment by Scott Pi Sat Apr 30 18:08:17 2016
Lettie Steckler, thanks for the idea! I have a whole slew of paper shredded which I was going to use as packing material when/if I start selling on Ebay again, but maybe using it in the garden makes more sense. It would stay out of the landfill anyhow. :)
Comment by Na'yan Sat Apr 30 17:41:20 2016
I've added a new step to my newspaper method this year....I run it through the paper shredder first....I was afraid the wind might be a problem but it's actually less of a problem than when the pages were whole....I also have less of a problem with ants building nests beneath it. The weeds are not entirely kept out but the reduction is at least 90%....
Comment by Letty Steckler Sat Apr 30 15:23:13 2016

Gerry --- If you count all the ones on my hard drive, it might be closer to a thousand. :-)

Chris --- I think you're right --- there's something about the boy's face that's pretty distinctive.

Comment by anna Sat Apr 30 15:09:38 2016

Deb --- Yep, the buck is a Nigerian dwarf, so these guys are 3/4 Nigerian.

I'm so glad to hear your doe kidded safely, even though I'm sure you were disappointed in two boys. Is she your only goat? I'm surprised she hasn't been lonely. You might use what had been our backup plan --- wether one of the boys to keep as her buddy.

Comment by anna Sat Apr 30 15:08:23 2016
Julie --- We live in an extremely wet climate, mulch heavily, and have very few slug issues. I can only assume we get away with that because I really promote natural predators like frogs, toads, and turtles. For whatever reason, nope, we don't see very many slugs at all.
Comment by anna Sat Apr 30 15:06:53 2016

I mulch my raised beds with about 2-4 inches of straw a la Ruth Stout. Most of the time, despite that thickness of straw, the plants just pop up through the straw and the wind, despite my living in what feels like a "wind tunnel", doesn't blow the straw away. Putting straw down less than 2 inches, however, usually means I have to run all over the garden picking up the straw that the wind has blown.

I haven't tried wet newspaper, but I just planted some fruit trees and have saved lots of cardboard, so I will be putting down the cardboard and then the straw on top to kill of any grass/weeds that will try to grow there.

Thank you for those ideas, by the way! :)

Comment by Nayan Sat Apr 30 11:09:29 2016
Um, no slug issues?
Comment by Julie Whitmore Sat Apr 30 07:36:00 2016
Artemesia's kids are so darn cute!!! What a joy they must be everyday.
Comment by Pam Kaufman Fri Apr 29 09:46:39 2016
Hi we live in Topeka ks. Our worm bin did not do well last year because of freezing temps. We are trying again this year but this time we plan to use hay bails around it and if needed build a hoop house as seen from the guy that does winter gardening in main...eliot coleman. There is also a cattle panel green house that is inexpensive as well.
Comment by debra athanas Thu Apr 28 13:50:04 2016
Congrats! It is good to have this big hurdle over and done safely and happily! I cant remember, was the buck a Nigerian Dwarf? They are cute as anything. Our doe kidded last week, after days of watching (on my part) she delivered two healthy boys (sigh) with no problems. They both look like her, tri-color with white patches. Now I am looking for a second doe. Home grown dairy, finally!
Comment by Deb Thu Apr 28 06:43:32 2016
I thought Aurora was the one on the right, in the top picture too. The picture on the left however, I believe is the boy. More auburn on the top of his head and his hiny, than the paler ginger of his sister.
Comment by Chris Wed Apr 27 06:34:44 2016
Peppermint to soothe upset stomachs
Comment by Anonymous Tue Apr 26 21:51:07 2016
Will you be up to 100 cute goat pictures by the end of the month?
Comment by Gerry Tue Apr 26 20:20:42 2016
So cute!!!!!! :D
Comment by Emily Tue Apr 26 12:27:34 2016

Matthew --- I really like that name! I'll check with the potential owner and see if he likes it as much.

Jennifer --- I know! :-)

Chris --- Thanks for understanding the Abigail decision. I'm fully expecting to be bombarded by angry readers....

Comment by anna Tue Apr 26 10:29:10 2016

Nita --- I hadn't actually heard of freemartins, so I went and looked them up. The internet seems to suggest that they're unlikely to occur in goats --- thank goodness! Since twins are the most likely result with goats, and since 50% of twins would be male/female pairings, that's a good thing. Otherwise, there would be an awful lot of sterile female goats out there! I'm guessing twins must be a lot less common in cows.

Jayne --- You know, after typing that, I started second-guessing my own IDs in the photo. I'd originally thought the one in the last photo was Aurora, but now I'm thinking it's the boy (and that the photo is just a bit washed out). You're definitely right about the top picture! :-

Comment by anna Tue Apr 26 10:27:46 2016

The kid at the left photo is Aurora ; and Aurora is the one on the right on the photo of the top post???

Comment by Jayne Wead Tue Apr 26 09:44:13 2016

Do goats show much tendency for freemartins if there are male and female?

In cows it's almost close to 100%.

Comment by Nita Tue Apr 26 08:44:29 2016
Aww, lovely story and pictures of the new family. Sorry for Abigail, but I understand why the decision had to be made.
Comment by Chris Mon Apr 25 21:45:59 2016
Comment by Jennifer Mon Apr 25 17:08:45 2016

I gotta say, the baby goats are almost too precious.

If you do end up giving a name to the little fella I suggest sticking to the alliteration and theme of herd. Perhaps Apollo?

Comment by Matthew B Mon Apr 25 13:29:18 2016

Kris --- I know --- it's a bit crazy how goat kids turn into bouncing miniature adults in no time.

We took Abigail to the butcher this morning. Sad and difficult, but the right choice in my opinion. She'd been living in the pasture next door because I didn't trust her around Artemesia in late pregnancy, and Artemesia didn't trust her around the kids. Abigail had a pretty awesome life, and now we'll move on to a herd that's hopefully a bit less willful.

Comment by anna Mon Apr 25 10:02:09 2016
What a lovely little family. They look so big already compared to Artemesia. Is Abigail still there? How is she taking these new developments in the herd? Good luck with the babies! Congrats.
Comment by Kris Mon Apr 25 07:51:05 2016
Garlic, Ginger, and Dandelion are the ones I use the most but plan on adding several new ones to the garden this year - lavender, sage, and several others.
Comment by Katy Lamb Mon Apr 25 05:02:27 2016
Leigh --- Thanks for all of your behind-the-scenes hand-holding! I've really appreciated it. :-)
Comment by anna Sun Apr 24 13:41:09 2016

CW --- Thanks for the tips! We actually have the hives up on one set of cinderblocks (the weeds are getting high, so it's hard to tell in the photos). Do you think we should go higher than that?

On bait hives --- we followed all of the instructions and set those out with lemongrass oil for two springs. Nothing. So I finally gave up. I do keep the old equipment in the barn in a bee-accessible manner, though, and we once had a swarm move in. That was magical!

Comment by anna Sun Apr 24 13:32:43 2016
I don't like to get involved in discussions about religion, but feel obligated to point out that a plant may have 20-50,000 genes, each programing the production of some chemical product. While one of those may be good for you, what are the other 49,999 doing to you? Eg: willow bark contains aspirin, but it also contains tamoxifen, an estrogen inhibitor used to treat breast cancer. Verbum sapienti....
Comment by doc Sun Apr 24 07:36:29 2016

Two things. You know, if you ask two beekeepers you get three answers, but here are two quick thoughts from me.

1) From the photo, it looks like your hive entrances are pretty low to the ground. Consider raising your hives, even onto a cinder block is helpful. I find that very low hives without very clear "flight paths" or with less-than ideal sun exposure just a little bit more likely to make their "community decision" to swarm. Its a small thing, but think about it.

2) Since you guys have extra equipment, I'd strongly recommend putting out a "bait hive" in the spring. It doesn't always work, but when it does it feels almost miraculous. A little lemongrass oil seems to do the trick. These guys have some really really great suggestions about making bait hives and (very importantly) siting them in places that are very desirable for the scout bees.

I hope you're having a wonderful day with new babies on the land! xoxo -C

Comment by CW Sun Apr 24 07:27:12 2016
They are absolutely adorable! Such pretty colors, which is always fun. Artie looks like she has a great udder and teats, which should make for great milking. Your herd is growing!
Comment by Leigh Sat Apr 23 20:34:30 2016
I have grown Sage, Rue, Ginger, Garlic, Basil, Chamomile, Echinacea, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Monardia (Bee Balm), Parsley, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Burdock, Comfrey, Who doesn't grow Dandelion?, Marigold, Oregano, Savory,Verbena, St. John's Wort, but my favorites are Chamomile, Mint and Sage.
Comment by Elizabeth Sat Apr 23 16:46:07 2016
I use plantain on mosquito bites. If I'm outdoors, I'll just crush it and apply the juice to the bite. I also make a tincture with apple cider vinegar that I use on swellings in general.
Comment by Susan Peterson Sat Apr 23 11:58:04 2016
It looks like Jill picked very much the right herbs to focus on (although perhaps she should have included ginger!). Interesting to see the same herbs pop up over and over here in the comments.
Comment by anna Sat Apr 23 10:27:21 2016

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations!

Chris --- They do look very much like their father and a lot like I expected. Here's my extremely geeky goat-coloration-genetics post in case you want to read more. :-)

Jake --- I've been calling the doeling Aurora since before she was born, and even though she's a little more fawn-colored than I expected I think we'll stick to that. The boy might be meat, or we might be sending him to be the new stud at the agritourism venture we get our straw from. If the latter, we'll start pondering names, although I'm partial to Punkin since the farm is called the Punkin Patch and he's orange. I like your name ideas a lot, though! :-)

Comment by anna Sat Apr 23 10:25:53 2016
Comment by Hdzeigler Sat Apr 23 10:07:58 2016

They look like quite the pair! Good work Arty. I'm sure you've already got names picked out, but just in case you're still taking suggestions, Biodome characters would fit the Earth Day theme.

For the boy: Bud, Doyle, Faulkner, Romulus... For the girl: Momo, Pork chop, Mimi, Petra, many possibilities!

Sorry--I think I have an unhealthy affinity for that movie. I should probably get that checked out.

Comment by Jake Sat Apr 23 02:33:14 2016
Comment by Jill Sat Apr 23 00:44:56 2016
I'm also a garlic fan, but cayenne is a close second.
Comment by Lisa Sale Sat Apr 23 00:05:31 2016