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You know you're a permaculture redneck when...

Chicken tractor on blocks have a chicken tractor up on blocks in your front yard.

Get a homemade chicken waterer and be a permaculture redneck too!

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comment 1

LOL, this should be a weekly series! I was actually just thinking about whether there was a movement toward what - in my head - I called Progressive Redneck or Progressive Hillbilly or if I just felt like there was because I've been moving more in that direction lately. You know how when you get a new type of car suddenly it seems like you see them everywhere?

Or maybe it's because, with the exception of universally affordable healthcare - which I think is a basic human right - my values are leaning more and more libertarian as time goes on. At what point will we finally have some sort of cohesive movement that addresses the needs and values of such a cross-political segment of society? Or should I just say I'm an "independent" and be done with it?

You Know You're a Progressive Redneck when you can support gay rights and the Second Amendment with equal conviction. You Know You're a Progressive Hillbilly when you communicate your experiments in sustainable living to a global audience from the comfort of a single-wide trailer.

  • Everett
Comment by Everett Fri Oct 30 15:45:29 2009
comment 2

I wonder where our political convictions will be in another decade? I used to think guns were the anti-Christ, and now I'm lounging on the futon with one in easy reach, just in case the deer comes back.

On the other hand, I'm still a touchy-feely democrat at heart. I'm the only self-employed person I know who thinks that taxes are great because they give us all these important services.

I love your last line! :-)

Comment by anna Fri Oct 30 16:02:23 2009

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