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You know you're a homesteading geek when...

Canned tomatoes and apples

Homemade shelves and canned food.
You know when you're a homesteading geek when...

  • you go to a party and one of the big attractions is heading down into the basement to check out your host's stored produce...
  • ...and all of your friends want to go too so you have to wait your turn.

Check out these homemade shelves spaced apart with log sections.  Very classy!

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WOW, that is truly a beautiful site! I just love to see multicolored jars all snug in the cellar like that. The only thing I would do, probably just because I'm paranoid, would be to tack a tiny ledge onto the end of those boards to keep the jars from sliding off in the event of an earthquake, tornado or some other event that could shake the very foundation of a home. Wouldn't it suck to have all of your jars crash onto the floor just when you need them MOST!?

I'm glad you and Mark had a good time and got to socialize. I know building a community is on your list of To-Dos for this year and it sounds like you had a lot of fun.



Comment by Everett Mon Jan 11 11:22:16 2010
Your ledge is a good idea, although we really don't get those kinds of weather events back here in our hollers. :-) Better safe than sorry, though!
Comment by anna Mon Jan 11 12:39:20 2010
Hello from Goodreads and Obsessed Gardener's Support Group! What a beautiful site here!!!
Comment by Jo Mon Jan 11 19:58:04 2010
Thank you for stopping by! I need to wander back over there and start up another permaculture conversation. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Jan 12 07:26:46 2010

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime