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Worm bin pro tips

Worm bin workshop

Laura Diaco from Rural Action regaled a group of attendees with pro tips on making indoor worm bins pull their weight earlier in the week. Mark and I have played with composting worms quite a bit, but I still came away with a few excellent tips.

Springtail trap

First --- skip putting onions, garlic, and citrus in your worm bins. (This was one of my first beginner mistakes back in the day.) Second, freeze food scraps before use to kill fruit flies. (Yep, this was the second problem we had with our original bin.) And, third, you can apply a piece of bread dosed with milk to attract springtails if you experience a population boom, removing the "trap crop" along with the unwanted critters to cleanse the bin.

Laura had so much success with her bin that she had to use a starvation diet to slim her population down to the point where she could continue to bring the demonstration unit to events. Otherwise, it was starting to get too heavy for her to lift! Clearly, she has a way with the worms.

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Where did you go! It has been six days since your last post on April 1st. I hope all is well with you, and that you are just taking a break from the internet to enjoy your new location. I am so used to seeing your daily posts that something just felt wrong, no posts from Walden Effect!
Comment by Maggie Turner Fri Apr 6 19:51:02 2018
Maggie --- I appreciate your concern! Oddly, though, we've been posting every day. Maybe something's up with your browser?
Comment by anna Sat Apr 7 07:41:23 2018

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