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When outdoors becomes indoors

Putting up wood paneling on inside walls

Somewhere in the middle of the morning Thursday, the homemade storage building began to feel like inside rather than outside.  I could tell because Mark went outside, leaving the door ajar, and I came along behind him and closed the door to keep the room warm.

And it was warm inside.  Despite being snowy and barely above freezing outside, once Mark fired up the wood stove, the building heated up surprisingly fast.  We don't even have the insulation up in the ceiling yet, but within an hour we were shedding our coats and working in our indoors clothes.  I guess we've been losing a lot of heat from our exterior wood stove to the outside!

I wonder if, rather than saving up for an efficient wood stove, we should instead make another small building and install two small wood stoves, relegating the trailer to summer use.  Not this year, though!  The garden is already starting to pull at my brain, begging me to finish up winter chores and start the pruning.

(The photos above show what I've been up to while Mark was putting in the door --- covering the walls with a nice, smooth plywood.  I find myself getting lost in the swirls of the wood grain.)

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It's looking great. I like the idea of "pod" housing whereby you have different buildings to suit each need. I think heating a small area only during winter is a good plan too and probably a lot less work. Isn't it amazing how insulating a space makes such a difference. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us.

I like the clover idea from the other post as well. I'm definitely dreaming of spring too. Have you tried "winter sowing"? I haven't but have read about it on the "Garden Web Forums" and it sounds interesting. It may be more for flowers and such but who knows. Happy planning.

Comment by HeatherW Fri Feb 12 12:30:16 2010
I actually wanted to plant my clover seeds last week, but when I went to the feed store, they didn't have the seeds in stock yet. I assume that means I was jumping the gun and need to wait a week or two before planting. :-) But my gut agrees with you and thinks the earlier I plant clover the better.
Comment by anna Fri Feb 12 12:58:18 2010
I suspect that your wood stove should now be more efficient at heating the trailer. Is it?
Comment by Rebecca Fri Feb 12 14:43:02 2010
You would think so, but I'm just not sure. It's hard to tell --- the weather's been relatively warm (highs in the 30s), so it doesn't really compare with our last wood heating episode (highs in the teens.) I should have been keeping track of the temperature in the trailer then to compare to now!
Comment by anna Fri Feb 12 15:27:25 2010

If I were ever to build my own house (and the plans from surely look appealing) I'd be tempted to leave the plywood interior as is. It looks very nice.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sat Feb 13 02:55:12 2010
Do you mean our plywood interior looks nice or the ones on the plan page? Can't tell. :-) (But I think ours looks nice --- I went out to sit in the shed this morning just to soak it in... :-) )
Comment by anna Sat Feb 13 09:34:53 2010

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