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When do baby chicks start roosting?

building a roost for cute baby chicks

Still not sure how old it is when baby chicks start roosting instead of crowding together in a corner, but this new baby sized roost should do the job when they're ready for it.

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Ours started at 6 days and they were all roosting at night after a few days.

Comment by Brian Tue Sep 13 17:34:11 2011
They had been roosting on top of their heat pad for a while --- I suspect the perches were just too high for them in the coop. One made it up on the high perch Thursday, but it was such a struggle no one else has tried since. Perhaps I've been feeding them too much and they're just weighted down. :-) Hopefully this lower perch will be more their style.
Comment by anna Tue Sep 13 19:54:39 2011
I don't remember what breed of birds you have, But most of the larger breeds, what I work with, as chicks, or adults really, don't like to roost. It has nothing to do what size either, they just seem more at home on the ground..
Comment by T, broke the roost! Thu Sep 15 00:45:21 2011
You know, I was thinking that might be part of the issue. These guys did like roosting on top of the brooder (a flat surface about three inches off the ground) when they were younger, though. These are Light Sussex, but they're eating so much I couldn't wonder they'd be too heavy to get up on a perch!
Comment by anna Thu Sep 15 08:00:40 2011

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