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What to do about an egg eating hen?

Roll out nest box with eggs in it and flap up.

I caught the egg eating hen in the act of trying to get to the eggs and closed her off to the rest of the flock.

We were not ready to retire a chicken on the weekend so I painted some of her back feathers with white spray paint so we'll know who she is.

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My grandma used to give chickens grounded egg shells and they stopped picking at freshly laid eggs. If chicken feels, that it needs calcium, it begins to eat it's own eggs.. this is simple solution, maybe it will help you too :)
Comment by DariusS Mon May 1 04:29:50 2017
I had a hen that ate its and any other eggs it could find. I happened to catch her actually in the act of pecking at an egg, and bopped her little face away from the egg, completely instinctually. I didn't hit her, more of a shoo that made a bit of contact. Well, it worked! She never pecked at an egg again.
Comment by Becky Mon May 1 12:22:26 2017

i get crushed oyster shells at feed store. they strengthen eggshells and help prevent egg eating

Comment by ralph Mon May 1 20:26:31 2017

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