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What kind of gun should a home owner choose?

highpoint 40 caliber carbine rifle
What makes the Highpoint 40 caliber carbine rifle a good choice for the modern day homesteader? It's affordable...a bit over 200 bucks, it's easy to use with minimal kick back, and it serves two roles on the farm as a weapon for home defense and a tool for hunting.

We could have gotten by with hunting our garden raiding deer with the trusty Winchester shot gun, but that thing has a hard kick to it and you only get one shot before you need to stop and reload.

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Just be careful using a pistol round at distances more than 50 yards or so. Part of the selection process in a hunting weapon is choosing a projectile and gun combination that will ensure a "humane" kill of the animal. Even with the added barrel length of the carbine, I wouldn't be comfortable using it at 100 yards and would be hesitant much over 50.

Check out the ballistics of a 40 S&W versus a typical short-mid range rifle round like the 30-30:

Comment by shannon Mon Nov 2 23:17:33 2009
comment 2
That's very good to know --- I'm a newbie to guns! I don't think range will be a problem, though, since I regularly get good views of the deer at 20 to 30 yards. Still haven't had the gun with me at the same time as the deer sightings, though...
Comment by anna Tue Nov 3 13:44:40 2009
I will be in the area around Thanksgiving and would love to help with your deer problem, legally licensed of course. :)
Comment by Eric Sat Nov 7 08:44:28 2015
what do you think of this rifle, well you know, if you have sight, how you are going to use it to shoot something?
Comment by Rogerer Mon Jan 18 07:03:09 2016

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