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Welding details

folow up to yesterdays welding post

Thank you Joe and David for the comments on yesterday's welding post.

More cleaning and grinding of the surface area along with a bump up in the amp setting might get me closer to a stronger weld, but I think my main issue is lack of practice.

Having Anna flip down the welding mask window when I'm ready might help.  I feel like each time I closed the window my placement would shift.

Grounding the frame of the ATV sounds like a good precaution to prevent stray currents from doing any electrical damage. I can't believe I forgot that detail!

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You should get an auto-darkening welding mask, so you can see where you start welding.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Jul 31 17:32:26 2013

I second that, I do some home welding and an auto darkening helmet made things so much easier. Mine was cheap and has lasted many years of occasional use. If I was buying another for light use I might try the sub $20 goggles from china/hong kong on ebay.

Comment by Jeff Wed Jul 31 20:26:02 2013

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime