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Weekend movie review

star trek
A stellar storyline combined with an amazing level of chemistry between the crew equals one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I can remember.

Watching this adventure on the big screen really allowed me to fully lose myself in this new and exciting frontier which boldly goes where no film has gone before.

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Off to the theater....
I haven't been to a movie theater in almost ten years, but when I heard there was going to be a new star trek movie, I decided to go see it there. Your post reminded me... I need to get going if I am going to catch it at the theater. ;-)
Comment by Shannon Sun May 17 17:13:32 2009
comment 2
I tend to be really hard to please when it comes to movies, but I loved the Star Trek movie! It was full of character building and backstory and made me long for a sequel. I hope you enjoy it as much!
Comment by anna Sun May 17 18:02:40 2009
Saw it...

Well, I went to go see it tonight on a whim. I enjoyed it. Much different than any of the trek films I have seen, but it was done well enough that I really enjoyed it. I have been a trekkie all my life... I hope they continue to make Star Trek movies. I was thrilled to see Leonard Nimoy make an appearance. Spock was always my favorite character anyway...

I must be getting old though. I had some earplugs in my pocket from cutting the grass earlier and the volume was so loud in the theater that I put them in my ears and could still hear everything. The volume was up so loud in the theater that it was actually painful without them. I already have hearing loss in my thirties, so I try to protect what I have left. The earplugs are like 32 db or so, so that means everyone sitting in that theater suffered from at least temporary hearing loss after watching that movie.

Comment by Shannon Fri May 22 02:16:07 2009
comment 4
Spock is my favorite too. :-) I've noticed that some theaters turn the sound up way too loud --- luckily, the one we saw Star Trek in was pretty normal. I'm glad you had earplugs on hand!
Comment by anna Fri May 22 08:38:40 2009

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