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Walden Effect t-shirt

Walden Effect t-shirtMark and I are thinking of printing up some Walden Effect t-shirts roughly based on a petroglyph, but tweaked to more closely resemble our farm.  Poll time!

Even if you hate t-shirts, please vote in the first poll so that we can get an idea of the size of our readers.  We want to make sure to have the right sizes on hand for giveaways.

What size t-shirt do you wear most frequently?

Small (9%)

Medium (25%)

Large (14%)

XL (25%)

XXL (18%)

XXXL (7%)

Total votes: 55

Are you interested in buying this t-shirt (somewhere in the $10 to $15 range)?

Yes (42%)

No (21%)

Maybe (36%)

Total votes: 33

Do you like this t-shirt design?

Yes (33%)

No (40%)

Maybe (26%)

Total votes: 30

Would you be interested in a t-shirt larger than XL even though it costs about $5 more?

Yes (26%)

No (73%)

Maybe (0%)

Total votes: 23

Thanks!  Once we get an idea for sizes and quantity, we'll figure out a price --- our cost plus shipping --- and will put in an order.

Our homemade chicken waterer inspired part of the design...but you probably knew that.

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Some of the design on the shirt I do like, but some not so much. It looks as if someone is pushing a lawn mower and if so, that happens to be one of America's favorite past times (a waste of time and energy). With increased population growth, and depletion of natural resources perhaps the drawing should include more alternative energies, gardening, flowing streams. Everything drawn on the shirt should represent something, but not be too cluttered.
Comment by zimmy Thu Jun 3 09:10:11 2010
What color shirt are you thinking of? My well water makes all of my white shirts look less than white. Light green or gray would be good.
Comment by zimmy Thu Jun 3 11:36:29 2010

I hear what you're saying about lawns, but that's not what we're suggesting with the lawnmower. With us, it's a permaculture tool, allowing us to cycle nutrients from chickens to clover and back to the garden.

As for color --- white t-shirts are evil! I always end up getting anything I wear filthy in short order, so I certainly won't print white. I was thinking the pale greeny color in the mockup --- one of my favorite shades for hiding dirt without being so dark you burn up in the sun. :-)

Comment by anna Thu Jun 3 12:10:06 2010
They look great Anna, I hope you make them :).
Comment by Melissa Thu Jun 3 14:41:55 2010
I'm glad you like them! We'll definitely make them, just not sure how many we'll print up.
Comment by anna Thu Jun 3 15:28:09 2010

like the t shirt idea, is somewhat cluttered.

have you looked at this as on a person? man woman what is going to show.

i think maybe a simple logo on left front. and maybe the petagraphy on back but in poprotion to be able for an onlooker to understand what they are seeing. i know so many times i see a t shirt and i want to stare at the person until i can read it. we will buy 2 maybe 4 size would depend on the content of the material. i like a little synt. but i know you both are cotton. however they do make a very good grade of bamboo cotton that i loveeeeeeeeeeee. feels like silk. me momma roseanell

Comment by roseanell Thu Jun 3 19:31:00 2010

For what it is worth, I am drawn back to your directions in your helpful start up book and my business experience. Maybe you are doing this for whimsy, and if so you should at least get to whimsy through your main business. I think the T Shirt should be Walden Effect/ Walden Farm Home of the Avian AquaMiser - and the art should be representative of that. People could be walking billboards for your business and future businesses of Walden Homestead Farm. You could give one with certain size orders or as gifts for giveaways.
Stay focused!!

Comment by Jayne Thu Jun 3 20:38:01 2010

Rose Nell --- Mark is adamant about cotton, so cotton it is! I know that some people like having big images on the back, but for some reason I only like them on the front.

Jayne --- You're totally right from a business perspective, and we're thinking of doing a more business-like t-shirt for the Avian Aqua Miser too. This is a bit of a trial run, and also to have some giveaway fodder on hand. Good point about staying focused, though!

Comment by anna Thu Jun 3 21:01:39 2010

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime