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Vent door

Trailer vent door.
The new door for the trailer vent will be closed in the Winter.

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I am curious, is the skirting making a difference to your interior environment? Is it protecting your pipes and drains from freezing?
Comment by Maggie Turner Mon Feb 5 07:55:17 2018

It's made a huge difference! We haven't been into single digits since the skirting went up, so it's not a true test yet. But we've been as low as 11 Fahrenheit outside without any freezing issue either in our incoming water lines or our drains. (Without the skirting, the incoming lines started freezing up in the high teens.)

I feel like it's keeping the air temperature inside our trailer warmer too. I turned off the minisplit last night because it was 34 outside when we went to bed and I thought it was going to be a warm night. I woke up to 13 degrees outside, but 41 inside --- pretty good for a night without heat!

Comment by anna Mon Feb 5 09:40:28 2018

I love how Mark is doing the doors and vents, looking very professional, give you guys an A+ . I too like Maggie was interested in the overall temperatures since you added the skirting. Lowe's will be able to match that green color for paint as well.Just be sure to either primer first or get a paint with a primer added. Roseanell

Comment by Rose Mon Feb 5 11:04:51 2018

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime