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Vagrancy, motherhood, and buying land

Eating spicebush leavesAlthough backpacking gave me a glimpse of simplicity, I didn't have any money to buy a farm, so I instead spent the next few years wandering around in other peoples' woods.  Every year, I moved to a new property where I identified the plants and animals and told the owners what they were doing right or wrong.  Some of my hosts turned out to be my best friends, and I got all of my maternal urges out of my system by helping with one set of kids who I still adore (even though they're all grown up now!)

Old houseIn 2003, I finally achieved the goal I'd been saving for and dreaming of for so long --- I bought 58 acres of swamp and hillside about an hour from the farm I grew up on.  With no experience under my belt, I took my father's advice and decided to build a little house by hand, first tearing down the old house on the property to get some supplies.  Crowbarring on winter days, I came down with carpal tunnel and ended up dropping that dream for the time being.

Dreaming of spring chickens?   Make your own homemade chicken waterer.

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Sometimes I dream of throwing on a pack and wandering for a while. Even better would be throwing a tent and bag in a plane and wandering from small airport to airport for me. That would kill two birds with one stone... My new years resolutions have me getting a few steps closer to the dream.

I have mixed feelings about being in my mid-thirties and no kids. Part of me still has the urge to have kids. One thing's for sure, my mother sure wishes she was a grandmother! She's resorted to inquiring about all her neighbor's daughters!

Comment by Shannon Tue Jan 5 18:03:00 2010

"Backpacking" by personal plane sounds awesome. :-)

I think that far too many people default to having kids just because that's what their parents did. :-) Honestly, I think that only about 1 in 10 people are really cut out for parenthood, meaning that they want to commit all that time and energy (and money!) to raising kids right. I feel profoundly lucky that Mark doesn't want to be a father any more than I want to be a mother. There's so much you can do to spend meaningful time with young people without committing to parenthood!

Comment by anna Tue Jan 5 19:06:26 2010
Problem is if I really did backpack by plane, I don't think I'd stop until I was in Alaska or some place in Canada for my own variation of "Into the Wild". :P
Comment by Shannon Tue Jan 5 19:22:34 2010
You did watch that movie to the very end, right? :-)
Comment by anna Tue Jan 5 20:48:55 2010
Did better than that. I read the book, then watched the movie. The book is better.
Comment by Shannon Tue Jan 5 20:55:49 2010
The book is always better! Drat --- I didn't realize it was a book!! :-)
Comment by anna Wed Jan 6 08:25:14 2010

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