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Update on hens eating eggs

Update on hens eating eggs.

The egg eating has seemed to scale back to every other day for some reason?

We are pretty sure they are getting plenty of calcium.

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Do you think maybe it's due to stress from their new confined quarters in the chicken tractor?
Comment by Anonymous Wed Jun 14 15:50:27 2017
Wonder if the egg-eater is laying every other day and is only eating when she lays?
Comment by Jennifer Wed Jun 14 19:27:42 2017

Isn't the roll-out tray supposed to prevent this? Is this one of those trayss with a spring? What about the design should change to prevent the hens getting to the eggs? I'm interested because I'm looking for one too, not so much for egg eating (though it does happen once in a while and I would like to prevent it), but for when we go away for a while. Thanks!

Comment by Kaat Wed Jun 14 22:17:03 2017
What about a design that has a soft drop pocket like a pool table has, for the balls to drop into? And then the eggs would roll out from the pool ball-type pocket gently to a more secure area?
Comment by Jennifer Thu Jun 15 14:50:08 2017

It might be that this flock was used to foraging in the woods and now feel cramped but they have plenty of space with the extending tractor design.

Yes....that makes sense that the days there is not eating are days when the troubled egg eaters are on a day off of laying.

Yes....I've got some ideas about extending the tray portion...more on that in a future post.

Comment by mark Thu Jun 15 14:57:35 2017

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