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Tranquil steep hill fencing

fencing on a steep hill with a Jackson sledge hammer

The chicken cherry pasture got a little bit more fenced in today.

I started out this morning using the solar clip on hat fans, but took them off because of the noise. It's not that the fan is really all that loud, but it's very close to your ear and it makes it hard to hear if someone is talking to you. It was also messing with my normal, tranquil, happy feeling by reminding me of a brief job where I worked at an extremely loud spring factory in Xenia Ohio.

My conclusion is that the solar clip on hat fans are awesome when mowing or running similar equipment where the fan noise gets drowned out by a louder machine.

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Watching the sledge hammer on metal fence post reminds me of myself many years ago. Go to Tractor Supply as quickly as possible and get a metal fence post driver. Less than $50, it will change your life. Then save your money and get a metal post puller, also a life changer.

John Bland County

Comment by John Fri Jun 15 09:10:24 2012
I second that motion on driving T posts with a driver instead of sledge. Much safer and efficient. Disregard the initial impulse to use a piece of 2inch pipe with a cap. Within a short period of time the cap will blow out and you are in the scary position of having a T-post end rushing up to meet your face as your momentum carries you explosively down at the moment of the blow out. You should consider buying a small stick welder to fabricate tools and repair equipment on your property. Bob
Comment by Anonymous Fri Jun 15 10:58:40 2012

While I don't have experience with post drivers, they're bound to be safer and more powerful than that big ol' hammer. Looking at your posture you're not using the length of the handle to increase the energy with with the hammer strikes the post. With good reason, obviously. :-)

Bob's suggestion to get yourself a welder is a very good one, though. Personally I like a TIG welder better than a stick welder since you can see the weld better and have more control, but the latter is probably easier on a farm because it doesn't require shielding gas. If you do get a welder do try and follow a welding course, and don't be stingy about getting a good welding helmet and other protective equipment.

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Jun 15 17:18:24 2012

John-One of those metal fence post drivers would've been nice, but I only had to pound in a handful and the ground was somewhat soft. A metal post puller would be even nicer, but I don't really do enough fencing to merit it.

Anonymous-That's good advice about trusting an action like that to a faulty home made tool. I don't think my welding skills are good enough for a stick welder though. I've got a wire feed MIG unit that will do some jobs,but my method could use some improvement.

Roland-That's an astute observation about my posture in the picture. Although the steep hill did make for a less than straight forward approach to getting solid footing enough to pound with confidence, the truth is that Anna got me to pose that way so the sun would help make a better photo.Never tried a TIG welder, but have considered upgrading my helmet to one of those automatically tinting deals.

Comment by mark Fri Jun 15 18:51:45 2012

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