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Training our dog to respect chicken boundaries

K9 electric fence charger and dog training tool

We've been having trouble with Lucy breaking her way through the chicken wire to get to an egg or food scraps thrown down for the flock.

I thought the Zareba K9 electric fence controller fixed this problem for good last year when I surrounded the first chicken pasture with electric wire and watched her learn a shocking lesson on why it's important to stay away from our poultry fence.
K9 unit
This year I only strung up about 12 feet of wire within two small stakes for pasture #4 because I had a pretty strong feeling she might try to re-enter through a recent hole she chewed and we only half fixed. It only took a few minutes for her bad side to take over and try another unauthorized entry.


She didn't jump quite as high as the first time, but it's obvious she got the message.

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Maybe you would consider a nice big Rooster

I have a free roaming flock that weeds my berry patch. They where all hens, until they just started getting knocked off, between my dogs and nature... Earlier this year I chose a nice little Black Giant, Iv been hand raising him all year. Now, and better flock protector you wouldn't find! Hes big(13lbs big) hes mean(not to me;), my 3 mutts no longer dig under the berry patch fence...... And hes stopped the raccoon(what I believe it was) from killing them too!

OK, maybe its not the best idea though......I now have to lock him up just to let my dogs out of the truck.......... my girlfriend too..... and to mow the grass.. and hes very mean to my Little billy... he doesn't like feed bags either....

Yeah never mind, don't get a rooster to protect your flock.......

Comment by T: rooster boss Thu Sep 15 01:19:28 2011
We had a rooster...until he started attacking me and we ate him. We're raising up another young cockerel now, who had better learn from his predecessor! That said, all of our chickens know that Lucy wouldn't harm a feather on their heads, so they don't worry about her. She only breaks in to share their scraps, but it's still annoying because then they come out the hole... :-)
Comment by anna Thu Sep 15 07:58:42 2011

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