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Training dogs to live with chickens

how well do roosters get along with dogs?

When we first got chickens Lucy was a lot younger and very excited about these new feathered friends we were introducing to the farm.

It took about 10 minutes to train Lucy to leave all the chickens alone.

We put her on a leash, walked her over to a chicken in a tractor and made her sit with her back facing the tractor. She was excited and kept looking over at the chicken, but each time I would bring her attention back to me while at the same time saying with as much authority as I could muster "Our chickens!.." This went on for about 10 minutes before she seemed to figure it out and stopped being curious about the chickens.

I think walking her everyday also helps to anchor the training, but the lesson was taken directly out of Cesar Millan's book called "Cesar's Way", which might be the best dog training book available at this time.

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Yes, without first training the dog that the human is Alpha, no training will stick. She's very smart to have picked it up so quickly!
Comment by Rhonda from Baddeck Sat Dec 7 10:17:31 2013

Just be careful if you get another dog, or if a stray shows up. I had my Bella well-trained. She & the free-ranging flock were best friends, with the chickens following her to hang out & vice versa. But then my neighbor got a dog . . . when I was gone Bella joined him & promptly forgot her training. . .

I suspect that even if the 2nd dog were mine, that "pack" mentality might take over when left alone.

Comment by Terry Sat Dec 7 13:17:06 2013

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