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Towing tongue trailer skirting

Metal skirting for a trailer around the tongue.

We considered deleting our trailer towing tongue but chose to work around it compared to cutting through the thick steel.

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Exposed like this, it will act as a heat sink for the frame in the winter. Now, I don't know how much (if any) isolation there is between the frame and the floor you walk on. If the floor is well-insulated, it won't matter much. But given the age of your home I kind of doubt it; energy efficiency was not on the rader in those days.

If you have a contact or infraread thermometer, look at the temperature of the towing tongue compared to the outside air. The warmer it is compared to the air, the more heat it is pulling out of your trailer.

You might counter that it is not very big, but steel conducts heat very well.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Jan 28 13:18:56 2018

Mark and Anna- I was giddy seeing you guys today. Welcome to Athens. Thanks for putting up with the two rounds of handshakes... Catching up on what I've missed.

Comment by Dan Benyei Sun Jan 28 19:56:56 2018
Mine was bolted on so I just removed it.
Comment by Zimmy Sun Jan 28 21:03:24 2018
Quilt bomb it to insulate it ;-)
Comment by Ryan Sun Jan 28 21:56:32 2018

Dan --- It was so nice to meet you! Thank you so much for coming over to say hi. After you left, Mark was kicking himself for not trading contact info. I hope you'll email him --- --- if you have any interest in getting together. We're very new to the area and are thrilled to meet a likeminded (almost) neighbor. :-)

Everybody else --- good comments on the heat conductivity. I hadn't thought of that. I'd kinda thought the tongue might make a nice platform for a mini porch, but maybe not if it's going to suck warmth out of our interior.

Comment by anna Mon Jan 29 08:17:50 2018

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