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Thermal mass in the fridge root cellar

Kill-a-wattThermal mass
Experimentation is my favorite part of homesteading, so I hope you don't mind these endless updates on our refrigerator root cellar project.

With the well pump back in action, I was able to fill up a bunch of empty milk jugs with backup drinking water, following Rena's advice of adding more thermal mass within the root cellar itself.  Meanwhile, I plugged a Kill-a-watt meter behind the thermocube and light bulb so we'll know if that backup freeze protection turns on.

Unfortunately, I didn't make these changes until after our 12 degree night, so I'll have to wait until the next real cold spell to report back.  Stay tuned!

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The Kill-a-watt meter will lose it's memory when it loses power. So, if I understand your system, the meter needs to be installed before whatever thermostat you are using.
Comment by steve specht Thu Nov 29 10:53:39 2012
Steve --- If you look closely at the picture, you'll see that the kill-a-watt is plugged directly into the power cord, then the thermocube, then the light bulb, to prevent that exact problem.
Comment by anna Thu Nov 29 11:08:31 2012

Anna just wanted to drop by and let you know that I am a great fan and visit everyday. Today at Hickery Holler Farm blogspot there is a review of your new book and some great comments from readers. Thought you might like to visit and make a few responses. Great book and I am sure one of my lucky readers will enjoy winning it.

Thanks for all your hard work

The Canned Quilter

Comment by Canned Quilter Thu Nov 29 11:10:14 2012
Canned Quilter --- Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading the skills everyone mentioned over there, and appreciate you reviewing my book.
Comment by anna Thu Nov 29 11:41:54 2012
So, that's what a thermocube looks like. I thought it was a 3 way outlet.
Comment by Steve Thu Nov 29 21:18:51 2012

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