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The return of onions and garlic

Sprouting onions

In a perfect world, homesteaders go over our stores every time we dig into the cupboard in search of a potato or onion. In my world, though, about midwinter I generally stumble across some rot problems I didn't properly stave off at the pass. In this case, the issue was that the low FODMAP diet eschews onions and I had some sprouts and decay in the former category that I didn't notice in time.

Luckily, fifteen minutes sorting the baskets of produce generally deals with the problem. And my stomach has improved to the point where I can now start putting small amounts of high FODMAP foods (yes, including onions and garlic!) back onto my plate. So, hopefully the rest of the stores will be enjoyed rather than pushed away into a dark corner to be ignored for another three months.

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seeing those sprouts reminded me of a project I just read about planting onions up and down the sides of pop bottles to harvest onion greens all winter long. Your sprouted ones have a head start and seem perfect for it.
Comment by Natalia Thu Dec 15 11:55:20 2016

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