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The paint-primer conundrum


You know how the hotdogs and the buns never come out even so you just have to keep buying more? I seem to have that problem with paint and primer.

I still had some paint left from my wall projects, so I decided to paint our bookcase-to-be. But we'd run out of primer, so we had to get another gallon of that.

I have a sinking suspicion that when the paint is gone, we'll still have primer left, sending me in search of something else to paint and more paint to do the job with. Tricky, tricky....

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I'm confused. I have been under the impression for about 30 years now, that modern paints don't need a primer because they've already got the primer in the paint. In other words, the "paint" is actually nothing more than primer with color. I've used paint directly on "raw" wood with fantastic results, so I can't imagine why you'd buy primer unless, of course, you're using wood that's going to be outdoors all the time; for example, the side of a building.
Comment by Nayan Wed Dec 21 09:31:33 2016
Nayan --- You're probably right, I could just do extra coats of the paint itself. The things I've been painting are pretty rough, though, so they seem to need at least two (preferably three) coats. Starting with a coat of primer seems to work well, and I was assuming primer is cheaper than paint. (Could be wrong, though --- I made Mark pick the cans up. :-) )
Comment by anna Wed Dec 21 09:43:46 2016

I have this exact same conundrum with my pie and ice cream. Where will it ever end???!!!

Cheers and Smiles

Comment by Tim Inman Wed Dec 21 09:50:31 2016
Tim Inman! You win the prize for the greatest comment on today's internet!
Comment by Nayan Wed Dec 21 13:57:39 2016

If you have a hand plane around, planing the wood would give a nice and smooth finish that would require much less paint.

Although nicely planed wood doesn't even need paint in my opinion.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Dec 21 15:45:52 2016
Getting off the subject of paint. I use extra hotdog buns to make breakfast sandwiches. Bacon/sausage lays in the bun, with scrambled egg and cheese over it. Yum! Yum!
Comment by mona Wed Dec 21 19:04:55 2016

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