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The River Museum

Anna at the River Museum.
I'm going to take the rest of the month off from blogging due to a shift to light duty.

There is a hernia surgery I have scheduled for the end of the month that will fix the problem.

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I personally know someone who went from being an active daily runner to a stooped-over grandfather-looking 40-year-old in chronic pain after hernia surgery. That and the following article happened over 5 years ago, so I am hoping they've done away with the plastic mesh, but last time I saw daytime t.v., they're still advertising lawyers to represent those who are in pain from the common type of hernia surgery.

Comment by Julie Mason Sun Aug 19 06:19:56 2018
Best of luck on your surgery and recovery :)
Comment by Swati Sun Aug 19 06:20:15 2018

I'll be thinking of you and hope you'll be feeling better very soon. Take care Anna.


Comment by Heather Sun Aug 19 17:54:06 2018

For a speedy recovery!

Keep in mind that surgery won't fix the cause of the hernia. :-) Time to work smarter rather than harder.

Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Aug 20 16:09:05 2018

I hope you are opting for stitches rather than mesh. The mesh is very dangerous for your health. My husband sustained a hernia over the winter and has been wearing a truss and exercising to help repair it naturally. It obviously takes time but can be done. Here's some info to consider. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Comment by Susan Mon Aug 20 19:10:02 2018
Quick healing vibes to you. I really appreciate this post was tagged "fun".
Comment by Kat Mon Aug 20 23:42:20 2018
I had hernia surgery done twice, the second time I had the mesh put in, it has not bothered me since. Your mileage may vary.Be ready to take it easy for a couple of weeks, when string is all that holds you together it's painful the first couple of days. And you do not want to have it done twice!
Comment by wewally Sun Aug 26 08:10:35 2018

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