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TC1840H garden wagon wheel upgrade

wheel upgrade for yellow wagon

upgrade options for a yellow wagon wheelOne of our favorite readers shared with us recently how she upgraded the pneumatic wheels on her yellow wagon to solid wheels from Harbor Freight. (Thanks Jayne)

It's an advanced upgrade that required four metal sleeves to make them fit.

If we didn't have so much mud to deal with I might do a similar operation on our TC1840H garden wagon.

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I've read mixed reviews on these wagons. Have you had any problems with things like the wheels breaking off? What types of load do you put on them? I know the literature says about 1400 pound limit, but do you think that it would really handle that weight?
Comment by Fritz Fri Dec 16 08:29:51 2011
We've worked our cart hard, and it has needed a few repairs over the years. The spot where our handle attaches to the cart messed up, so we had to rebolt it in place, and I think we've malformed the metal a bit so that really heavy loads now make the wheels rub against the wagon. No wheels breaking off, though. We've hauled moderate loads in them --- perhaps as much as 300 pounds --- but nowhere near 1400 pounds. On the other hand, our very rough terrain is probably not what the carts were intended for. The cart handles mud and bumps pretty well, but I can tell it would be better on pavement or at least even paths.
Comment by anna Fri Dec 16 11:26:52 2011

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