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Stumbling homestead podcast

Maggie and me in front of daffodils

Feeding chickensI was interviewed for my first ever appearance on a podcast last week.  Boy was I nervous.  Luckily, Darcy from Stumbling Homestead eased me in gently and helped me out when I got stuck.  Thanks for being such a great host, Darcy!

If you want the real dirt on the interview, here it is: I was so scared, I had to go outside and weed while I talked.  I hope you can't hear the plants being ripped out of the ground.  (At least I wasn't ripping hair out of my head.)

My interview is up on Stumbling Homestead now.  I hope you'll give me the benefit of the doubt when you listen --- I'm a far better writer than I am a speaker.

As a side note, the photos here are from my great visit with my sister over the weekend.  I don't think our hens have ever eaten out of someone's hand before.  Thanks for sitting me down and making me listen to my own podcast, Maggie!  I guess I didn't sound as awful as I thought I did.

Our chicken waterer gives the flock something to do between hand-feedings.

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Absolutely. Thanks so much for letting me come!
Comment by Maggie Sun Mar 20 09:34:15 2011

I just found your website by listening to a podcast at Stumbling Homestead.. good stuff!! Glad to find your page and look forward to learn from your experiences here.

Take care

Comment by Dene Brock Sun Mar 20 10:47:28 2011

Maggie --- it was great to see you!

Dene --- Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

Comment by anna Sun Mar 20 13:09:03 2011

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime