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Stripping wallpaper

Old wallpaper

I don't usually notice interior design, but off and on over the last decade I've been drawn to certain spaces. What have they all had in common? Accent walls --- one wall of bright, stark color that contrasts vividly with the rest of the space. I figured the now shelfless wall could be my first stab in that direction.

Stripping wallpaperBut before I could start thinking about colors, I had to strip off the old wallpaper. My previous experience with wallpaper removal involved a steamer, some kind of chemical, and a seemingly endless amount of scraping. I wasn't particularly anxious to repeat the process.

To my surprise, when I tested a bit of my office wall Saturday morning, I found the paper easy to remove with only the supplies I had on hand. Rip back the plasticy outer layer, dampen the plain paper below with a wet rag, then scrape. Very satisfying! Looks like step one of the accent wall is well within my reach.

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Add a little vinegar to the water. It will help cut through the glue.
Comment by BW Mon Nov 7 06:48:31 2016

You could cover the wall with a mosaic. The advantage is that you don't have to finish it all at once; you can let it grow whenever you have time and inclination to work on it...

Fix the stones or pebbles with a bit of hot glue, and fill it in with plaster later.

Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Nov 7 16:03:59 2016

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime