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Stray excitement

strange dog that showed up yesterdayThis German short haired pointer showed up yesterday lost and hungry.

It took a few phone calls to track down a local hunter we thought might be looking.

He graciously agreed to take the dog who might belong to his friend, and if not he said he'd find him a home.

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Oh what a sweet face! I'm glad he will get a home! I have to share one of my favorite stray stories, also a hunting dog...... We were doing a 20 mile run, in Vermont, in January, mostly on snowmobile trails, but the last five miles were trudging through what turned out to be thigh deep snow along the Appalachian trail. . Moving along really slowly in the bitter cold, the group heard a strange noise from the snowy forest. Someone thought it sounded like a wild turkey, but in this snow? One of the guys decided to investigate, so we waited while he walked toward the sound. We saw him bend over, reach down, and he came up holding a beagle! This dog was near starved, a little sack of bones, and weak and cold. He evidently had been out there ,could not make it through the snow any longer, and was stuck in this little hole he had tromped out... he heard our voices and with what strength he had left, tried to call had been bitterly cold- amazing he was alive at all. The group took turns carrying him the last five miles, where the run ended at a local pub in a small town. We just took the dog right in, and the bartender said, " I think I know whose dog that might be!". He made a phone call, and not long after, an elderly gent came in, saw the beagle, and started to cry. " that's Buddy, " he said. He and my other beagle followed the scent of a moose nearly two weeks ago, and never returned. I didn't expect to ever see them, not in this cold. He was so thankful, he bought the whole group dinner and beer. We found out later that Buddy made a full recovery, and was doing just fine.

Comment by Deb Wed Oct 17 21:58:59 2012
Deb --- I'm glad both of our hunting dogs found home. :-)
Comment by anna Thu Oct 18 08:32:56 2012

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