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Stock panel hauling problems

hauling stock panels with an ATV

Our stock panel hauling had one problem.

The dump mechanism won't stay latched, and even though I secured it with bailing wire it still managed to work loose which resulted in a crushed Heavy Hauler.

Removing the offending small stump the panels hung up on was all it took to smooth things out.

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Sorry to say but it looks like inappropriate use or abuse of tools to me. Since you were basically dragging the fencing anyway, the more appropriate tool would have been some form of tow bar. Bolt or tie on a piece of wood or metal along the width of what you want to tow, in at least three or four places to keep the load from sagging. Then make a three point wire or rope sling to tie to the tow bar ends and have a loop in the middle to hook on the hitch of what ever you use to pull the load. The shorter it is, the higher the front of the load will clear the ground, but not so short as to limit your turning radius, by pulling the load into your rear wheels. On your ground (wet or grassy), some form of wood or plywood skids (attach tow bar to skids) under the load would make it much easier to move.

Comment by Vester Sat Mar 16 17:21:58 2013

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